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Female swimmer get's mauled by shark in a beach in Southern Carlifornia


A woman who was swimming in the ocean with friends got attacked by a shark on Saturday near San Onofre State Beach in northern San Diego County.

Authorities and witnesses said the shark tore away part of her upper thigh in the ocean off a popular Southern California Beach.

"All of the back of her leg was kind of missing," Thomas Williams, one witness who assisted several others in pulling the woman ashore, told the Orange County Register. "If she didn't receive immediate care, it was life-threatening."

Williams said the woman was conscious and talking while onlookers used a rubber surfboard leash as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding."

"She was not calm, of course," He said. "But she was coherent."

Chris Lowe, directors of the Shark Lab at California State University, Long Beach said the injury was likely caused by a great white or a seven-gill shark.

Several sharks have been sighted in the area recently.

Since the Incident, the beach has been shot down to be reopened on Monday.

"I considered Kemen as my go-to guy"- Tboss


During a Channels TV interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on Rubbin’ Minds on Sunday, former BB Naija Housemate revealed that fellow housemate, Kemen, has been calling her over the sexual assault incident that led to his disqualification from the show
“The part that really hurt me most was that I considered Kemen as a friend, my go-to guy. I was angry, humiliated and I feel violated but I don’t play the victim card. Anyone could make a mistake, I mean I’m an attractive person” said Tboss.

“Kemen has been calling me but I’m not ready to have that conversation with him,” she added.

In regards to AY’s awry joke of a few weeks ago, she said that the comedian was insensitive to have made a joke out of the incident.

“I think AY was insensitive. You don’t need to have a daughter or a sister to know that what went down was not okay.” She said.

I never knew Kemen was her go-to guy, he was more like a pest she tried to flee from by all means.

OMG! 6-Months-old Baby raped by a family friend in Kano


What kind of demonism is this? 

A twitter user took to his page to publicize the alledged rape of this 8-months-old girl identified as Khadijah Bashir who got raped by her mother's friend two month's ago when she was 6-months-old. The rapist in question has hired a team of 10 lawyers to defend him in court. 


The traumatized baby is now being treated at a Kano hospital after undergoing surgery. 

Her poor parents are unable to hire any legal representative due to lack of funds.

The twitter user @ZahrahMusa is calling on the general public with the hashtag #justiceforkhadijabashir for help.


Photo of the day


Shout out to Ormia and all the female soldiers out there fighting for freedom.

Model Bella Hadid apologises for promoting Fyre Festival which turned out to be disaster


Fyre Festival organized by rapper Ja Rule and business partner Billy McFarland was supposed to be a wonderful fun-filled two weekend event on the Island of Great  Exuma in the Bahamas, but the guests who paid $3,200 to 4,400 and were expecting luxurious lodgings in geodesic domes and amazing culinary experience, arrived the venue on friday to meet a disaster. Nothing was in order in the designated Island and the tasty food they were expected to be served turned out to be nothing worth imaginable.

While most of the top models and entertainment moguls who helped promote the festival have not yet issued a proper apology, 20-year-old model Bella Hadid who did not go to the festival but fervently promoted it has issued a formal apology to everyone who was lured to the event by her promotion. Below is a written statement of her apology;


Mercy Aigbe's Husband denies allegations of battery


I said! They will just blame it on a movie set.

After photos of  Mercy Aigbe's battered face surfaced online, her husband is doing everything in his power to quell the rumor mongers. He has openly denied the allegations that said he was the one responsible for the assault on her, claiming the photos were from a movie set and that he would never beat his wife.

Anyway, Mercy herself is apparently using her social media handle to support him on that as she has been vibrantly posting pictures of herself on her page, probably in an effort to collaborate with her husband. In one of the picture she posted today she captioned it

"Off to worship the king of kings" Indirectly telling us that everything ISSORAIT!

VIDEO: Nervous Uriel Oputa get's appointed as the Ambassador for Imo State Carnival by Rochas Owelle


The Ex BB Naija housemate who yesterday, got a homecoming party from her state Government, Imo State, also had the good luck of being appointed the Ambassador for Imo State Carnival. 
All we can say is congrats, Uriel. 

Watch the video of the appointment below;

Why does Uriel look so jittery standing beside Governor Rochas? She just stylishly keeps taking several steps away from him. for your life, dear Uriel.

Lol! Nigerian Model Zainab Zamani says she's the creppy Lizard you fall in love with.


Model Zainab Zamani who is based in the US has come again o. She recently posted some seemingly nude photos of her sexy self on her Instagram page and her fans came for her juggler in the comment session.

Not missing a bit she slung back at them

"I know some dumb person would say some shit. I was not naked, I totally had glitter on me and if I was, I would love every bit of it, stay in your lane." She fired at them, adding;

"I am that creepy lizard you fall in love with"

VIDEO: Naked woman roams around Atlanta airport twerking for passengers

An unknown woman, took off all her clothes inside Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International airport and started roaming around, with her hand's cupping her breast and as if that wasn't enough she started twerking for the passengers passing by. She event went as far as opening up her ikebe and farted in people's face. 

Watch the video below;


Missing 2-year-old Arkansas girl found dead shortly after the murder of her mom and great-uncle

Aceylnn Wester with her mother Bethany Wester

According to Polk country Sherrif Scott Sawyer, the body of 2-year old Acelynn Wester who had gone missing with her 9-year-old elder brother was found in a heavily wooded area near the town of Cove in far western Arkansas, not far from where her mother, 43-year-old Bethany Jo Wester, was found dead on Tuesday.

Reilly Scarbrough is still missing

Her  great-uncle 66-year-old Steven Payne was also found dead at his home in the nearby town of western Arkansas of Hatfield on Thursday.

According to the Sherrif, the deaths are being investigated as homicides and he promised to "seek justices for the families.

"Somebody knows where he's at. Someone has information," Sawyers said concerning the girl's still missing brother, Reilly Scarbrough "We need to find Reilly. We're going on the premise Reilly is alive."

The Sherrif declined to say how the three were killed or name any possible suspects or motives in the deaths. The Sherrif also didn't provide information on where the children's other relatives. including a father, might be.

Why Michelle Obama held back tears at Trump's inauguration


Former First Lady of the U.S. Michelle Obama in her first speech since Trump's presidency, at the American Institute of Architects convention in Orlando revealed that the reason for her now-infamous "side-eye" during Donald Trump's inauguration was because she was holding back tears.


"I didn't want to have tears in my eyes because people would swear I was crying because of the new president," She told the Audience.

She also went on to say that she had grown emotional at the thought of leaving her White House staff. But she also clarified that she harbored no intentions of returning to the white house.

"I wouldn't ask my children to do this again because, when you run for higher office, it's not just you, it's your whole family," She said, putting off rumors that she want's to run for president in the future.

"Plus, there's so much more we can do outside of the office, because we won't have the burden of political baggage."

Fashion Designer Princess Mobola Akinruntan talks about her favorites in this interview.


Princess Mobola Akinruntan had a stint in oil and gas before she went ahead to focus on her passion, fashion designing.  Family and friends thought she was out of her mind but today, her brand; Login House Of Fashion is making waves in the industry. The mother of two and daughter of Oba Fredrick Obateru Akinruntan of Ugbo Kingdom in Ondo State spoke about her favourites in this short interview.
Favourite colour
I love royal blue and it’s probably   because of my complexion and it blends well with my jewelry. Anyway, I like dark colours generally.
Favourite food
Bread; I love pastries too. It could also be sandwich. Anything baked.
Favourite holiday spot
Las Vegas. I just love the place, as there’s a lot to see. You can walk down the street and mingle with the rich and poor. The nightlife in Las Vegas is probably better than any other city in the world. The only places that come close are Hong Kong Harbor and maybe Piccadilly Circus in London.
Favourite car
Mercedes G Wagon. It’s just classy for me and I love the burgundy colour.
Favourite weather
I love it cold. It’s a bit refreshing.
Favourite sport
The treadmill. It’s hard but a bit convenient. Running on it can strengthen the heart and knees. Many treadmills are cushioned, so they are easier on the knees and joints than running on the roads.
Favourite book
I’m not really into books but I read about fashion designing. I’m not the type that goes to shop for books to read as such.
Favourite fashion accessories
Fascinator. It’s the best way to complement your look. You look gorgeous and dressy with your fascinator.  I love embellishment too on outfits, like adorning my clothes with stones and beads.
Favourite music?
I love rhythm and blues. Music makes me go to sleep easily.
Favourite leader
My dad, Oba Obateru Akinruntan. He’ s the best dad and a good role model. He is a good listener and loves his children equally. He is also a giver and quite passionate.

From Sun News.

Must Read: Bulging Bellies due to fibroid

This article was written by Chioma Obinna of Vanguard, I thought I should share it here for every 9jagirlfriend to read and learn one or two things about fibroid.

Here it goes,

                                      Fibroid tumor

Many women go about with protruding stomach even when they are not pregnant. It is common to find women looking fat at the waist region. Findings show that many of these women have fibroids. About seven in every 10 black women are, according to a research, affected by fibroids. Today, fibroids are widespread. Statistics from hospitals also reveal that at least one in every four Nigerian women will develop one or more fibroids in her lifetime. Fibroids are no doubt part of the contributor to the increase in needless deaths among women. Quite a number of women who died, even celebrities, have been linked to complications arising from fibroids. Sunday Vanguard looks at the burden of the condition, why it is on the rise and treatment options.

Patients stories
It has been difficult living with fibroids,” says Mrs. Bola Ayeni. Married at the age of 38, Bola has had this bulky stomach for years. She also struggled led with persistent bleeding, frequent urination, and cramping.
The bleeding sometimes comes so heavy that she would be confined within the walls of her bedroom for days. Even her finances are not spared as she uses between 11  and 15 pads a day anytime she is menstruating.
The pains and bleeding were so unbearable that she did whatever that comes her way including patronizing native doctors.
“I have looked for a solution from even places you cannot imagine but at the end of the day, there was no relief. Everybody thought it was, spiritual problem until it was finally confirmed that I have uterine fibroids, Bola told Sunday Vanguard.”
At this point, desperation set in. In a desperate move to end the pain and at the same time have a child, she said: “Many people have advertised all sorts of cure which I have tried, all of the herbs that you can imagine and they worked for a while, but it’s very expensive because you have to keep on going.”
Within a space of five years after marriage, Bola had several miscarriages. It became so bad that she resigned from her job. Although medical diagnosis revealed she has about seven fibroids in the uterine cavity, where the fetus would have occupied if all was well, Bola never backed down on her determination to give her husband a child.
Just like every other Nigerian woman, she visited many prayer houses in search of a solution. Unfortunately, the fibroids continued to increase in size, causing more harm and discomfort.
“Fibroids have compromised my career and life but knowing I may never be able to conceive is my worry. I’m not giving up on my desire to have children,” She said.
Months after months, her cycle started getting longer and longer.  “It felt like I was bleeding all the time. My energy was low, and my relationships were strained. My bleeding was so severe that I felt very vulnerable and tied to my home. I did not want to be embarrassed. I was always having lower abdominal swelling and this has persisted for years.
“I was also having constipation even after eating a full plate of fruits. I have been afraid of doing surgery for some reasons. There have been stories about people who could not conceive after surgery. The worst part is that so many women have lost their lives after complicated fibroid surgery”.
Meanwhile, Bola is not alone. Felicia, an accountant, has a similar story to tell.    Married at age 40, after she obtained a  master’s  degree from the University of Lagos in 2003, Felicia never had any inclination what life held in store for her.    Unfortunately, after two years of blissful marriage and continuous sexual activity without any sign of pregnancy, she decided to consult a gynaecologist.    She visited  many hospitals until she was finally diagnosed of uterine fibroids; it was a trying time for Felicia and her family.    According to experts, fibroids usually develop in women aged between 30 and 50 years and seem more regular in women who weigh over 70 kg.    Fibroids are growths of the uterus or the womb. They are also called uterine leiomyomas or myomas. The uterus is made of muscle, and fibroids grow from the muscle. Fibroids can bulge from the inside or outside of the uterus.
“At 42, the thought of surgery was not an option for me. I got married at 40; since then I have been trying to get pregnant”, she said.    All her efforts were without success.
Sadly, her bleeding  during her cycle continued and she was constantly anaemic and dizzy, until her husband insisted she must go for surgery. A year after, she had a successful fibroid removal surgery called myomectomy, which  allows the uterus to be left in place without losing function, and, for some women, it makes pregnancy more likely than before.
Felicia was relieved from the pains and bleeding, but little did she know that the problem was not yet over. Today, Felicia is battling  another set of fibroids. The fibroids, according to experts, returned because she was unable to get pregnant immediately. Although  doctors have advised Felicia to go for another surgery; she has decided to do nothing about it. “I look  pregnant, people  ask when the baby is due, and I sometimes struggle for breathe while exercising.”
Describing the ailment as her worst experience in life, she said: “I cannot wish it for my enemy. I don’t like talking about fibroids because of the psychological trauma it has caused me.”
Bola and Felicia, like many other Nigerian women, are overwhelmed by fibroids due to ignorance, misconceptions, late marriage and conception.
Today, there seems to be epidemic of fibroids among Nigerian women. More pathetic is the fact that myths and misconceptions about fibroids have tied so many women  to the pains and frustrations of fibroids. Out of ignorance, they delay treatment and turn down surgery.
One of such myths is that the womb would be removed through hysterectomy (surgical removal of uterus).
However, medical experts have traced rising cases of fibroids to late marriage and conception. According to them, these factors are currently fuelling cases of fibroids.
They say many African women are  postponing child birth which could cause the hormones (estrogens) in the uterus to malfunction.
In a report, Chief Consultant Radiotherapist and Oncologist, National Hospital, Abuja, Dr Abdurasaq Oyesegun, said fibroid was on the increase.
Oyesegun said the uterus was designed to carry baby and when such did not happen, the muscles in the uterus will increase to the point that it will become fibroid.
“The uterus is designed to carry babies  and when it  cannot carry babies, the growth increases and the muscles keep  increasing. There is an increase in the incident of fibroids among women these days because women now get married late, and the only way to prevent it is for women to marry early.”
He advised women to marry in their early 20s to avoid the possibility of developing fibroid.
Debunking misconception on the link between fibroids and cancer, Oyesegun said fibroid was a non-cancerous growth in the womb that could sometimes cause heavy periods, abdominal swelling and urinary problems. He said although it was possible for young women to develop fibroid, it was not very common.    According to him, early marriage would also enable women not to have difficulties in child-bearing. “Women with fibroid should patronise qualified gynaecologists because most deaths arising from fibroid operations were due to the activities of unqualified personnel, ”He stated.
Supporting his views, an obstetric gynaecologist  at the University College Health Sciences, Kampala, Uganda, Dr. Eve Nakabembe, explained that when conception is delayed, estrogens that is the hormones responsible for developing a baby in the womb tends to malfunction as a result of which  the individual will start developing fibroid.
“We are seeing them more because African women are now postponing child-birth. And it is more in Catholic nuns because they don’t get pregnant and they have long duration of estrogens that are unchallenged. But when a woman is pregnant, she doesn’t ovulate. At that time the uterus is relaxed and then hormones are challenged.”
She explained that although the cause of fibroids is unknown there is no sure way to prevent them, adding that fibroids can be negatively influenced by female hormones.
“Depending on your nutrition you can surge your hormones more than necessary. Regular exercise and reducing BMI, reduces the amount of circulating estrogens.”
On the myth that the womb would be removed through hysterectomy to eliminate fibriods, she listed, options that help preserve the uterus.
According to her, fibroids are managed depending on how the patient wants it. “We base treatment on the fertility desires of the patient, that is, if  the patient still wants to have children or has stopped a child bearing. Most times we perform hysterectomy or myomectomy depending on what is available. It can also be treated through uterine artery embolism.”
Perhaps one of the commonest misconceptions is that every woman with fibroids will experience heavy menstrual bleeding and pain.    However, researchers estimate that between 50-80 percent of women with fibroids will experience no fibroid symptoms at all. Many women never even know that they have the condition and because fibroid tumors are almost always benign (non-cancerous), those who aren’t experiencing symptoms may not seek treatment.
According to a hospital-based study to assess the level of knowledge, perception, and attitude towards uterine fibroids among women diagnosed with the condition, Dr. M. A. Adegbesan-Omilabu and K. S. Okunade, both of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, and Dr A. Gbadegesin, of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH, discovered that there is generally poor knowledge about uterine fibroids among women.
In the study entitled, “Knowledge of, Perception of, and Attitude towards Uterine Fibroids among Women with Fibroids in Lagos, Nigeria”, published in Scientifica – a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal, it was observed that several women were taking over-the-counter drugs that are likely to enhance the growth of fibroids. From the study review, it was observed that the majority of the women studied had various misconceptions about fibroids and infertility. In the study, 67 percent of the women perceived fibroid as a spiritual problem and hence sought treatment from spiritual homes and invariably presented late to the hospital.
Furthermore, the fear of complication of surgery for fibroids has also made many women seek alternative means of treatment. The researchers further noted that the fear of surgery was borne out of misinformation that they might have obtained, although surgery for uterine fibroid is not without complications.
While calling for intensive enlightenment on the etiology and treatment of fibroids, the researchers said many of the respondents have combined herbal products and some orthodox drugs at one point or the other in the past.
Throwing more light on the condition, Dr. Moses Ani, a family physician, and surgeon observed that most of the women that have surgery do get pregnant, but there is a percentage that comes out with other secondary issues such as blockage of the fallopian tube. “When a woman goes into menopause, the tendency is that the ovaries atrophy (shrink)”, he stated.

Consequently, as fibroids continue to threaten the lives of Nigerian women, critical health watchers are of the view that there is an urgent need for government to design a program to tackle fibroids as a public health issue.

Chrissy Teigen shares a cute picture of her and daughter Luna relaxing on a stoop


Baby Luna keeps looking more and more like her pops each passing day. Her proud Mama, Chrissy Teigen shared this adorable picture of her and her daughter relaxing on the stoop on her page with the caption "My stoop buddy"

Even  with her serious face Luna still looks cute


Ciara's newborn baby has an adorable name that sounds like her mothers'


The singer and her Seahawks quarterback  Russel Wilson welcomed their first baby together two days ago. Ciara took to Instagram to share the news to the whole world and also reveal her name.

She wrote;

"Dear Sienna Princess Wilson, No matter how big the wave, we will always be your calm in the storm. We Love You. Love, Mommy & Daddy. 7:03 pm 7 lbs 13 oz. 4.28.2017 Photo By Daddy ❤️"

This is Ciara's second baby and Wilson's first child. 

Congrats to the couple

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Actress Feyisara Hassan say's that being a Baby Mama is better than being a wife and she doesn't wear a bra


In a candid interview with Vanguard, 24-year-old Nollywood Actress, Feyisara Hassan who has produced five films of her own said that being a baby mama is better than being a wife.

Below are excerpts from the interview.


"What most people don't know is that being a Baby Mama is even better than being a wife. frankly, I am not against any woman opting to be a Baby Mama, in fact, I believe it is good and more peaceful. Being a Baby Mama you enjoy the father of your baby more than if he were your husband.

"You can have access to him whenever and wherever you want without any family pressure or restrictions and there's little room for heartaches. Most women are opting to be Baby Mamas because their lives are most peaceful and enjoyable."


"Yes, I don't wear bras because I don't feel comfortable with it but I do wear it now because my man is not comfortable with my not wearing it. I guess it is because of my sexy boobs." 


"They may not be big but are very special. They are one of the most beautiful parts I love in my body. Medium boobs are sexy and more attractive than the big ones. All kinds of boobs are good though but mine are more attractive and sexy."


"In my opinion and experience, sex is best experienced within a committed relationship where two people have agreed to be exclusive with each other and to explore their sexualities together. This doesn't have to be within marriage. However, in my opinion, relationships should not exist solely to provide a means of sex. Relationships should be a beautiful tapestry, of which sex is one piece.

And within that relationship, sex should only exist with an incredible amount of communication. The communication should be about when people are ready for different stages of sex, what people like and dislike in sex, and at the core of all this communication should be consent. Our society talks about and does consent very poorly (which is why we have such a high rate of sexual violence)."

"It depends on the editors; we have good and bad ones. Another reason is that some bad producers find it difficult to pay editors good money. So, what they got is what they paid for."


"One of my biggest dreams is to become a musician. But all in all my biggest dream is to do what nobody has done in the industry."

Culled from Laila's Blog

Woman stuffs unconscious 13-month-old baby in a duffel bag and throws her into a trash can.

Olson and Janelle Red Dog

43-year-old Janelle Red Dog, of Poplar, Montana who was supposed to be taking care of a 13-month-old girl, Kenzley Olson who was in her care for three to four weeks, used methamphetamine while the child was unconscious and when the girl stopped breathing, she stuffed her body un a duffel bag and threw it in a trash can before going home to sleep. 

This led to the unfortunate demise of the baby girl. All this while Kenzley's mother was being held in jail.

Red Dog then went to report Kenzley missing on April 19, 2016, suggesting that she may have been kidnapped.

However, a day after filing the report she confessed and took investigators to Kenzley's body.

Red Dog has reached an agreement to plead guilty to second-degree murder in the April 2016 death of Kenzley Olson.

U.S. District Judge Brian Morris has set a change-of-plea hearing for May 1 in Great Falls.

Prosecutors were prepared to show that Kenzley was ill and Red Dog who did not sick medical at the time as she was busy using meth with a friend became frustrated when she could not stop the girl from crying, she hit the girl on the head four times, causing her to have a seizure and lose consciousness, court records said.

The next morning, Red Dog decided to take the child to the hospital but said that she stopped breathing on the way.

"Red Dog, believing (Kenzley) to be dead, disposed of her body by placing her into a duffel bag and throwing the duffel bag in an alley trash can," prosecutors said.

Kezley died of mutiple blunt force injuries, but an exam also noted numerous bruises from head to toe in various stages of healing, suggesting a pattern of continued physical abuse and neglect, an autopsy found.

Red Dog's mother, Rhea Starr, said her daughter was caring for kenzley when no one else would.

"That baby was passed along like yesterday's gossip," Starr told the Associated press last year.

Video: Nigerian Lady advises Buhari to go and rest

 A Nigerian Lady who goes by the name Cynthia Amadi, uploaded a video on her page, advising President Buhari to take a break from his position at Aso Rock to go and rest, due to his failing ill health.

Watch the video below;


Hot new beauty trend! 18 year old girl uses her boyfriend's testicles to blend her makeup perfectly

Imagine using your Man's testicles to blend your makeup. I know, thinking about it makes you want to throw up right? But before you run out of the post to throw up that Eba you just had for lunch read on.

Johnna Hines an 18-year-old girl introduced the latest makeup technique on the block, which involves dabbing your man's testicles on your face to blend in your makeup.

She introduced the technique through a twitter post she made asking her followers to dare her to post her a video of herself using her boyfriend's balls as a beauty blender, well majority of them did and she went ahead to make the video and upload it,

Here is the video below, it's a tad bit graphic so watch at your own discretion;


What Rita Dominic has to say about being 41 and single


In an interview with lifestyle and fashion magazine Schick, Nollywood actress revealed how she could have been married a long time ago, however, nature's forces didn't let the union come to fruition.

The actress went on to express her hopes in God providing the right man for her at the right time.

"I believe that God is in charge of my life and will present the right man to me at the right time.'' she said

When the interviewer asked her if societal pressure don't affect her, she replied. "I am a human being and i would be lying to say that it doesn't sometimes. More so because it's something I sincerely want to do but the feeling passes, when i remember that society will not live with the person."

"I will live with the man, so it's very important that i do it because I want to, not because society wants it for me."

Rita described dating, as a nightmare, "especially in these days of social media where with one click you are all over the internet."

However, she admitted to dating whenever someone special comes around.

"I love being totally drawn to someone and doing all those loving things couples do, but i am also wary of liars and bullies."

She also went on to say that sex at 40 is what you make of it, when asked if the myth that sex for women get's better with age. 

"If you ordinarily don't enjoy it, age won't make a difference. I find that when a woman embraces her sexuality many Nigerians equate it to being Ashawo, as if we should act like sex is not pleasurable."

"Is it true?" Mercy Aigbe's fans ask her following rumor of the Domestic Violence fiasco in her marriage


Whoever is managing Mercy Aigbe's account, be it herself or a PR is trying so hard to show a bold front her on her Instagram page. 

Since the news broke yesterday, a couple of pictures have been uploaded on her page, despite she been allegedly rushed to hospital this morning.  

The picture above was just uploaded few hours ago , with the caption;

Super Proud of my God daughter @qute_tosyn on her new collection of VINTAGE shirts! ........ pls check @toposhcollections to shop from these beautiful shirts 😍😍😍😍 

Her fans took to the comment section to ask if what they were hearing about her marriage is actually true or just mere fallacy by the tatafo's who wish her evil.


Niece of the Lady who was accused of splitting Mercy Aigbe's marriage comes out to defend her.


The lady, Opemititi who goes by the name @Queen_Stunner on Instagram was dragged into Mercy Aigbie's marriage fiasco when she was accused of being in a heated affair with Aigbe's husband Lanre Gentry.

According to a report via @subdeliveryman, the lady's niece debunked the news that claimed her aunt is in an affair with Lanre Gentry. She disclosed that Queen Stunner and Mercy Aigbe are tight buddies and that the two of them have once gone to mountain of fire to pray. She also claimed that her aunt has no business with Lanre Gentry as she has her own boyfriend who is a prince. She also revealed how Queen Stunner allegedly rescued Aigbe from what would have been a potential death by her husbands hands.

Read the full Convo below;


Who are we to believe? Whistle blower or the niece who wants to protect her aunt's interest?

VIDEO: Popular Blogger Linda Ikeji shares an inspiring message to all dreamers

Popular media entrepreneur Linda Ikeji shares this video above, narrating how she was turned down by banks in 2008, however, 9 years later she's being offered more than what they refused her "but not getting a no from the bank didn't kill my dreams" she said. 

However, 9 years later she's being offered more than what they refused her. 

She also went to encourage all the dreamers out there to keep fighting for their dreams whether they get help from others or not.  


Mandela's granddaughter seems to have abandoned the ANC

Al Jazeera's correspondents met with Ndileka Mandela, eldest granddaughter of Nelson Mandela to gauge her opinion subsequent to thousands of demonstrators who have taken to the streets in South Africa to demand President Jacob Zuma's step down as his party's membership plummets.


"I saw firsthand the abject poverty of the people in the rural areas and what they suffer" says Ndileka Mandela. "The leadership, the leader must go back to the basic tenets of the ANC, the basic tenets of the Freedom Charter."

"This is why we are calling the ANC to account, to embody the values and legacies of our founding fathers."

It seems as if the African National Congress (ANC), once led by freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, the first democratically elected president in South Africa, is embroiled in allegations of corruption more so since Zuma's presidency.

Photo of the day


US First lady Melanie Trump listens as her husband speaks to the press in the Oval Office.

Lagos socialite Mrs. Fumilola Ogbuaya wanted by NDLEA for Alleged Drug Trafficking

Mrs Fumilola Ogbuaya

Mrs Fumilola Ogbuaya, a Lagos socialite has been declared wanted by The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency for connection with drug trafficking. She is also accused of using proceeds of drugs to acquire several properties.

According to Punch Metro Mrs. Ogbuaya was implicated in a case of botched exportation of 1.6 kilograms of cocaine to Saudi Arabia in February 2017 through the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

Ahmadu Garba, the NDLEA Commander at the Lagos airport, said one Odeyemi Morayo, aka Ariyo Monsurat Olabisi, arrested b the agency implicated the socialite during investigation.

"Mrs. Fumilola Ogbuaya, aka Arike Fumilola Ogundipe, a Lgos socialite has ignored invitation by the NDLEA. Her Lagos residence was traced by a team of investigators, but she was not at home. Since the visit to her Lagos residence, she had not been to that house and had also not reported to the NDLEA office." Said Ahmadu Garba

"The agency is investigating several landed properties worth several billions of naira traced to Ognuaya in Lagos, Ogun and Osun states. The assests include Arike Plaza, some plots of land and buildings in strategic locations. The Lagos socialite, who is a distributor of alcoholic drinks, is needed by the NDLEA in an ongoing investigation. She hails from Ilesa, Osun State."

The NDLEA Chairman, Col. Muhammad Abdalla (retd), urged members of the public with information on Ogbuaya's whereabouts to report to the nearest NDLEA office, adding that the case would be pursued to a logical conclusion.. 

Photos: Mo Abudu meets with CNN's Richard Quest

CEO of EbonyLife Tv, Mo Abudu met with popular CNN Anchor Richard Quest who was in Nigeria a couple of days ago on a voyage of discovery, learning about local culture and how it impacts on people doing business in Nigeria.

Ideally, as one of the leading Surveyors of Nigerian Culture, Mo rightly guided Quest through the maze of contradictions that often confound newcomers.

While on his trip to Lagos, Mo joined Quest on a jog along the Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge where Quest learned the nuances of Nigerian attitudes to business and that elusive 'Nigeran factor that keeps people proud, successful and resilient.

She also took him to for lunch at NOK by Alara in Victoria Island Lagos.


Culled from Bella Naija