Monday, 8 May 2017

Girl get's blasted by angry men for printing "Men are trash" in her new T-Shirt collection


A twitter user Kelsey Joie is getting the full dose of venom or wrath today following her release of a new collection of shirts and crop tops with the words "Men Are Trash" boldly written in front of them. 

Woman and her Lover dies from asphyxiation from exhaust fumes while making love inside a car.


A Taiwan woman in New Taipei known as Chen and her lover known as Song, both 49-year-old while making love inside a parked BMW, mistakenly killed themselves as result of carbon monoxide poisoning from the build-up of exhaust fumes inside the vehicle.

Their bodies were discovered by passerby's who noticed the semi-unclad couples slumped motionless inside the car. 

According to investigators on the scene, the woman's head was lying on to of the man's lap, making them believe she was performing oral sex on him when they died. This led them to rule out any foul play or signs of suicide. 

It's believed that the two were having an extra-marital affair.




 RIP Chen-Song. It could have ended in a beautiful love song for you guys but unfortunately, it didn't.

8 Natural ways to prevent saggy breasts

While some weird men out there claim they enjoy women with saggy breasts, No woman, I repeat no woman prays for saggy breasts. Every lady out there wants her breasts to be firm and perky as long as it is naturally possible. However, according to research breast tissue, ages faster than the rest of the body. Too bad, I will say. However, there a few things we can do to delay and ward off that inevitable occurrence of saggy boobs. 

1. Maintain a steady weight.

Most of us battle with the issue of our weights fluctuating up and down. Keeping a steady weight decreases the chances of you gaining or losing breast tissue which will stretch and slacken when you weight reverses. Avoid gaining weight and dropping it drastically. 

2. Avoid over-exposure to the sun.

Insufficient collagen fibers which aid in holding the breast tissues together will eventually lead to breast sagging. A surefire way to slow the production of collagen is by exposing them to UV-rays from the sun, this can not only severely prevent efficient production of collagen but will also destroy existing collagen fibers. Endeavor to keep your breast properly covered while out in the sun.

                   Image result for images woman lying in the sun

3. Invest in the right type of bra for your breast shape

A good fitting and comfortable bra with the right size and cup is a great investment when it comes to preventing sagging boobs. Go for a supportive bra that is neither too tight nor too loose but fits your breasts properly. To get the right fit, try out the bra in the store before buying it and even if na for 'bend down select' you dey buy am, fit it on top of your cloth to make sure it's perfect.


4. Regular exercise

Frequent exercise helps build up the pectorals by improving blood supply to the region. This helps to prevent sagginess of breasts, keeping it firm and perky. However be careful to avoid exercises that involves heavy bouncing like skipping and runs as these can as this can cause wear and tear around the breast tissues and ligaments. Always wear a good quality sports bra when exercising.


5. Quit Smoking

Research has shown that smoking can cause the breakdown of collagen fibers and leads to premature wrinkles thereby aiding more rapid skin aging. This will also have effect in the areas around your breasts, by destroying the buildup of collagen fibers and speed up sagging.

6. Regular Massage.

There are numerous side ups to constantly massaging your breasts. It not only affords you to keep tabs on the health conditions of your breast by helping you immediately spot abnormal changes like the presence of a lump, release lymphatic fluids that might have built up in certain spots, it will also help lift and reshape sagging breasts. It's advisable to massage your breasts at least 2-3 times per week with coconut or olive oil to increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin and also improve skin tone and texture. 

                                                                                                                        Image result for images of woman massaging her breast

7. Eat Healthy

Drink lots of water and eating foods that are nutritionally rich in proteins, vitamins, calcium, minerals, carbohydrates and essential fats. This will help to build up your pectoral muscles, keeping them firm and fit. Deficiencies in core nutrients can lead to saggy breasts, as the breasts need these nutrients for growth and support. A healthy diet translates to a firm perky breast.

8. Avoid Bleaching

I'm sure if you've ever seen the breasts of some women who are heavy bleachers, you'd noticed long drawn out stretch marks and an unhealthy looseness to the breast skin. This is due to the breakdown of collagen as a result of prolonged exposure to the chemicals in the skin. Just as UV rays from sunlight can damage the skin, chemicals from bleaching lotions can do just that and might even have more harmful effects because of dependency and long time usage. 

Names of 82 freed Chibok girls released

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 No feeling could probably equal the Joy and relief the parents of the released 82 abducted Chibok girls felt when they heard on Saturday that they will soon be reuniting with their daughters after more than two years in captivity by the terrorist group, Boko Haram. 

Speaking to Sun, a family member of one of the Chibok girls said; 

"Many of us families of the kidnapped girls who are christians offered special prayers in most churches in Chibok during the Sunday service. The release of the 82 girls is a thing of joy but we resolved to pray more for the remaining ones."

The man revealed that the Chibok community is overwhelmed with joy when they heard that the 82 girls will be returned but they held prayers nevertheless.

"Many of the parents are apprehensive since they heard the news because they are not sure whether or not their daughters are among those freed. So some also prayed their daughters should be among. Some of them were just crying, " he said.

The release of the girl's followed after several lengthy months of patient negotiations by security agencies which culminated in the release of some Boko Haram suspects held by the authorities in exchange for the 82 girls. Also in October 2016 21 of the over 200 kidnapped girls where released, making it a total of 113 girls still believed to be in Boko Haram captivity.

Following their release, the school girls where transported in ICRC vehicles and taken to Nigerian Officials at Banki, Borno State and then first taken to a facility in the Department of State Security (DSS) in Abuja for a series of medical checkup before meeting with the president.

It is said that President Buhari was very joyous over their release.

Below is a list of the names of the 82 released girls.

Female Armed Robbery Suspect and her gang Paraded by Anambra State Police Command


Chinaza Onwuasoanya a 22-year-old Female Armed robbery suspect along with three male armed robbers  Chijioke (Abada), Chikwado  Osita, Ogbunike (Dankowa) one of which was already lying dead from gun shot wounds ,were displayed and  paraded on Friday May 5th,  around Anambara State Police Headquaters by the Police after been caught following a robbery where they shot and killed a police officer on duty and ran off with his AK 47 rifle with sixy rounds of live ammunition in it.


The State Police Commissioner, Mr Sam Okaula while addressing the press said that the actions of the criminals were condemnable and he was very happy they have been finally apprehended. 

He warned all other criminals in Anambra state that the state is a no go area for their illicit activities and advised them to leave the state or face dire consequences for their actions.

He further said that they have launched an investigation to apprehend the other members of the gang who escaped from their grasp and urged members of the public to team up with them by providing them with the necessary information that will assist the police in serving them better.
In an interview with the press, the female suspect admitted to having accompanied the gang robbers to several operations at Ugwunwasike, down flyover and Opeeagu Abagana. 

Paris Jackson makes a subtle political statement with her casual attire at the MTV Movie Awards


Seems like 19-year-old Paris Jackson does not give a rats ass for all the dressy formalities that comes with attending a  red carpet event. Instead of coming to the event fashionably dressed in an elegant gown or a chic maxi dress, the daughter of pop icon Micheal Jackson came dressed in a ripped graphic tee. 

But the most daring thing about her out of place outfit was the cartoon image of Michelle Obama drawn in front of it with the words "Michelle My Belle" -Belle being a french word for beautiful- printed across the top. 

The phrase "Michelle My Belle" can on the other hand be sarcastically equated with the term "Nasty Woman" which were the words President Donald Trump used to refer to Hillary Clinton when the were both on the campaign trail for the office of the POTUS.

But Paris, obviously a fervent supporter of Michelle Obama,  had worn the shirt to make a positive reference to the former First Lady. 

Teenage Housemaid arrested in Ondo for allegedly attempting to murder her Boss.

                                       Image result for images of rat poison
Police of the Ondo state Command has arrested a 14-year-old housemaid, Mary Akinnifesi who is a primary school pupil for an alleged attempt to murder her boss, Alhaji Nasiru Akinlosotu, with rat poison. 

It is alleged that the incident which took place on Friday happened when her Mistress asked her to prepare  Mrs, Sikirat Akinlosotu sent her to prepare beans for the household and the maid went ahead to add a little bit of extra spice (rat poison) to the meal.

Her Mistress husband, Mr, Akinlosotu was the one who found out that the food was sprinkled with poison while he was eating the food and detected an abnormal taste and smell to the plate of beans she had served him. 

He immediately threw up the amount he had eaten and raised an alarm. The maid confessed to her crime as soon as a neighbour of the Akinlosotu's interrogated her. She claimed her adtions was done in revenge of her the constant punishment her master dole's out to her whenever she commits an offence. 

The housemaid has been handed over to the police a Yaba Police Division in Ondo town, where her Master and Mistress were also questioned by the police. 

The matter is now under investigation by the police.

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Pictures from Last night's MTV Movie and TV Awards red carpet

The 26th MTV Movie and TV Awards red carpet hosted by Adam Devine, held on Sunday, May 7 at the Shrine Audition in Los Angeles, and featured an array of TV, film and music Stars who all came to slay the carpet. Check out the fashion and style displayed below;

Isabella Mooner
Amandla Steinberg
Jillian Rose Reed
Jasmine Tookes

Travis Mills and Madelaine Petsch
Issa Rae
Shannon Pursuer
Kat Graham
Trevor Noah and Jordyn Taylor
Shelley Hennig
Holand Roden
Victor Cruz

Yara Shahidi

Hailey Lu Richardson
Alexandra Daddairo

Miles Heizer

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

DJ Khaled

Farrah Abraham
Ross Buttler
Tracee Ellis Ross
Chrissy Metz
Big Sean and Jhene Aiko
Noah Cyrus
LL Cool J
Cara Delvingne
Adam Devine

Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall
Shay Mitchell

Allison Williams
John Cena and Nikki Belle

Taraji P Henson, 2017 MTV Movie And TV Awards, Arrivals
Taraji P. Hensen

Zac Efron

Hailee Steinfield