Monday, 5 June 2017

Instagram sensation Romangoddess1 incities a comment from 50 cent because of her heavy bakassi

50 cent's comment to Romangoddes150 cent's comment to romangoddess1

The big bum and heavy breasted lady know as Romangoddess1 on her Instagram page do not waste any time in flaunting her well-endowed body on her social media pages where she has repeatedly accused scammers of making money off her boobs.

She recently posted a well-crafted picture showcasing her big bum in a tight body-con gown, which forced out, her high-profile secret admirer in the form of popular rapper 50 cents to drop a comment, worshipping her along with the rest of her fans

"That's a Tank, 😏" He wrote.

50 cent's comment to Romangoddess1

He's comment did not go unnoticed at all as it drove her fans berserk, spurring several follow-up comments with one of them requesting that 50 cent get's her to dane in his music video.

We don't want to start imagine what might be going on in their DM's now.....

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