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5 easy ways to improve the growth of your natural Eyelashes

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Artificial eyelashes are quite the buzz these days. Many women go a long way to endure the pain and discomfort that comes with fixing and carrying artificial lashes, while some even go as far as pinching from their weekly foodstuff money to be able to afford these lashes all in an effort to have that added beauty that comes with long and fuller eyelashes. 

But just like everything artificial, at one point you have to take them off and make do with the God-given natural eyelashes you have. This can be a source of embarrassment and even dampen your makeup look, especially if they are thin and very sparse. 

So this brings me to the question I asked myself some time ago "Why not grow your natural eyelashes longer?'' It might seem impossible to grow your eyelashes fuller and longer but it is not. I did a bit of research and found out that you can give the growth of your lashes an added boost. Read on to discover ways which you can improve the growth of your eyelashes and discard those uncomfortable artificial eyelashes forever.

1. Regular Eyelids Massage


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Regularly massaging your eyelids will enhance blood flow and circulation to the hair follicles, causing more nutrients to get to them, thereby promoting the growth of your lashes and prevent breakages. 

  • First wash your hands thoroughly 
  • Put a few drops of petroleum jelly, coconut oil or shea butter on your fingertips and gently massage your eyelids and lash line in circular motions for 7-10 minutes while preventing either of the oils you're using from entering your eyes. Do this once every day.

2. Apply Castor Oil to Your Eyelids

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Image: Healthhoop                                                               

Castor has so many benefits, one of which is follicle stimulating and nourishment. Applying castor oil to your eyelashes will promote its growth to more healthy, glossy and fuller eyelashes. 

  • Wash your eyes to keep it free from leftover makeup or other dirt. 
  • Before going to bed, drop a small quantity of a hexane free brand of castor oil on a clean cotton wool/bud or even your fingers and apply gently from the root of your lashes to the ends in circular motions. Leave on for the rest of the night and wash off with lukewarm water in the morning. Do this at least four nights in a week.

3. Lemon peels and Olive oil

 lemon peels dipped in olive oil
Image: Mommy Potamus                                                                            

The peels from lemon are packed full with folic acid, vitamins B and C and a whole lot of other nutrients that will help your eyelids grow larger and better. 

  • Put some moderately dried lemon peels into a container
  • Pour a good quantity or olive oil into the container, so that the peels are fully submerged. You can use castor oil in place of olive oil.
  • Leave the mixture to stand for 2-3 weeks or more.
  • With an old mascara stick, apply the olive oil on your eyelashes before going to bed. Leave on for the rest of the night and wash off with lukewarm water in the morning. Do this several nights in a week until you get the desired result. 
Alternatively, you can use only olive oil -which promotes lustrous and healthy hair growth- to improve the growth of your eyelashes. Olive oil will also make your eyelashes darker. To use this oil, follow the steps above. 

4. Mixture of Egg and glycerin

 image of egg and glycerin
Image: FindHomeRemedy                                                                               

This remedy is not for the faint nosed 😄. Egg which will all know is rich in protein and contains biotin and B vitamins. Since our body hair needs protein to grow thicker and more lustrous, the egg is a sure way to promote growth.

  • Beat half a portion of egg yolk and white 
  • Add a tablespoon of glycerine into the beat egg and mix until the mixture is completely blended and thick.
  • Dip a cotton wool or bud to the mixture and apply it on your lashes.
  • Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse it off first with lukewarm water and cold water later. Do this 2-3 times a week until you get the desired result.

5. Coconut Oil and Lavender Essential Oil    

                image of coconut oil image of lavender oil

There is an abundance of protein and essential fats in coconut oil that will help improve your lashes to grow thicker, longer and also add an extra shine to your lashes.

  • In a small container or even a tablespoon, thoroughly mix a little quantity of coconut oil and lavender essential oil together.
  • Wash your eyes to free them from makeup stains or other dirt
  • Dip a cotton wool/bud or small clean brush or your finger into the mixture and apply it from your eyelash roots to its ends. Leave it on overnight and rinse off with lukewarm water the next morning. Do this daily until you get the desired result.


  • Wash an empty mascara tube and use it to store most of the portions above. This way you can have it already made and you can easily apply it.
  • Wash off your eye makeup every night before going to bed as makeup can cause your eyelashes to dry up and appear brittle
I'm currently working on improving my lash growth with some of the points above and all I can say is they work effectively. 

Note: If you have any eye problems, please consult with your doctor before using any of the applications above. Cheers.

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