Thursday, 13 July 2017

VIDEO: Furious female FRSC Officer caught on camera Wrestling for the control of a moving car.

female FRSC Officer caught on camera

Only in Naija can this shit go down...Well, maybe not only in naija, there are still some countries more cray than our beloved Nation.

A wildly violent female Federal Road Safety Official was on Wednesday caught on camera wrestling inside a moving car for the control of the vehicle. 

In the video below, the lady was seen stretching from the backseat of the vehicle in a tussle to grab hold of the gear lever from the driver.  As the lady battles for control, the driver warns his front seat passenger who happened to be the cameraman and a wedge between the female officer and the gear lever, not to fight with the furious officer. 

The male front seat passenger identified as @Kaycee Henry repeatedly cautioned the irate officer, informing her that her action was dangerously unsafe for the road she was initially supposed to be protecting. 

"You see what you are doing? You are a disgrace to force hood," he voiced.

"What of you, what of you, are you not a disgrace" the female officer spat back.

The fracas came to a smashing end when a male road safety officer alighted from one of the Corps vans and smashed the front passenger side window of the vehicle.

It has been widely speculated that the incident took place in Abuja.

Reacting to the video, the Corps' Safety Education Officer, Mr. Bisi Kazeem said that an investigation on the matter is being carried out.

Is this a call of duty or just plain old madness? 

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