Friday, 14 July 2017

Wife allegedly beaten to death by her husband for coming home drunk from a bar in Lagos.

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A woman identified as Stella has been reportedly beaten to death in Amoshe town Meiran, Lagos State by her angry husband after she came home drunk following her hang out with two female and a male friend. 

According to reports by the couple's neighbors, the husband Mr. Benjamin, a 34-year-old commercial driver beat her to a pulp and when he saw that she was dying, he rushed her to a church for prayers. She was later taken to a neighborhood hospital where she was confirmed dead.

One of the residents in the area, Mr. Samson Adedeji revealed that Benjamin had a habit of assaulting his wife whenever she was drunk.

"The wife came home on Saturday, July 1, drunk. Her husband was angry but people begged him to allow her sleep. He didn't heed to their plea. He beat her up seriously. It was the following day that I was told the wife died in a hospital." said Mr. Adedeji.

Another resident of the area, an elderly women, Mrs. Aribisola Amoshe, said although she was not aware of what transpired between the couple, there were marks of violence on the deceased.

The husband, who has been detained by State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, told the police that his wife got poisoned at the beer parlor.

"I think she was poisoned because she vomited. She went to drink with her friends. I don't beat her." he said.

Fatimoh, one of the friend's of the deceased who was also arrested by the police denied Benjamin's claim. 

"The four of us were together that day. We took a bottle of beer each. My friend died from the injuries inflicted on her by her husband. She didn't fight with anybody at the bar," She said. 

Acording to a police source, the case has been transferred to the SCID, Yaba and a manhunt has been launched to track down the other two friends of the deceased. 

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