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Weekend Recipe....Classic Coconut Rice Recipe by dobby's signature


Hi guys..Been a while I made a post.  Apologies, I've had my attention pulled to something different and time consuming. However, I promise to do my best to keep this web space of mine updated as frequently as possible.

Well this post is for those of us scratching our head and thinking of a fresh new dish to serve our household and guest this Sallah weekend? (By the way HAPPY HOLIDAYS everybody) Why not opt for the Classic Coconut Rice.

This dish will offer another way of cooking rice, which is refreshing with a unique flavor that's different from the everyday jollof rice which is served in every Nigerian occasion and has even sparked an argument between our very own Vice President Osibanjo and Minister of Information Lai mohammed.

So, let's give Jollof Rice a break and eat Coconut Rice for a change.

Our recipe today will be taken from none other but one of my favorite Nigerian food bloggers, Dobby. Dobby is a popular Culinary and Lifestyle blogger who blogs at DobbysSignature

She added a yummy twist to her classic Coconut rice recipe by adding her special Turkey Stock. Read her full recipeand instructions on how to make the dish below..

How to make classic coconut rice
• Prep time: 15 minutes
• Cook time: Over 30 minutes
• Meal Type: Main course
• Region:      Nigeria

•4 cups Rice
•1 pint Thick Coconut Milk (View the Extraction process Here)
•1 Kilo Turkey 
•1 tbsp.Thyme 
• 1 tsp. Curry powder
 1 medium sized onion, chopped
 3 seasoning cubes
1 cup Butter or Margarine or Vegetable oil
• Salt to taste
• Water

Additional vegetables (Optional but not necessary)
• 1 bunch Spring onion , chopped
• 2 Fresh pepper (Scotch bonnet), chopped
•1 Green bell pepper, chopped
Step1: The first step is to parboil the rice. To do this, you place the rice in a pot and some water and cook for about 10 minutes till its firm to the bite but still under-cooked. 

Step 2: Time to prepare the stock. For this i'd be using turkey meat but you can use chicken, goat, cow or any meat you have available. Place the turkey in a medium sized pot, add thyme, curry powder, chopped onion, crushed seasoning cubes and salt to taste. Add some water and leave to cook for about 12 minutes. 

Step 3: Remove the turkey from the stock and fry or grill the turkey meat then set aside. 

Step 4: Into the turkey stock, add the parboiled rice, coconut milk , butter/margarine or vegetable oil. Cover and leave to cook for about 15 minutes or until the liquid in the pot dries up. 

Step 5:  Add the Spring onion, Fresh pepper (Scotch bonnet) and Green bell pepper, stir and leave to simmer for 5 minutes. turn off the burner and serve. 

Happy Cooking....

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