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How Important are Zodiac Signs in a Relationship


                                              Zodiac circle. Courtesy Indian Parenting

Hi my 9jagirlfriends, let's chat a little about the zodiac signs and their importance in a relationship. There are some people who think that zodiac signs are devilish or complete hogwash made up by a group of astrologers to manipulate the minds of mankind. LOL. 

Personally, I’m a believer in the zodiac and how it affects our personality traits.  From childhood, I have known about the zodiac signs, but I started taking a keen interest in them, a few years ago when I started getting into relationships with guys. I needed to assert some level of control over this relationships and one of the ways I knew how to, was by learning more about the guys I was dealing with, so I dabbled into the word of astrology.  I found out that a good amount of personality traits that each zodiac represented was true.

Take, for example, I’m a Cancerian, some of the positive personality traits of Cancerian women are intuition, creativity, family oriented and shyness. Not only do I possess these traits, two of my friends also happened to have these traits in them. I went further to find out that most of my family and friend’s personalities matched their zodiac signs. So I’m pretty confident to say that most people’s personality matches their zodiac sign.

Hence, when choosing a partner, just as you will carefully select that bag because it’s a Hermes bag from a shelf with different other bags to choose from, it’s also important that you choose your partner based on his Zodiac sign. Before making the decision to date a man, find out what his zodiac sign is, learn about his positive and negative personality traits and judge for yourself if you can handle his personality.

Astrologers believe that some zodiac signs are more compatible with other zodiac signs.  That’s to say that a relationship where both partners have compatible zodiacs will last longer than the one where both zodiac signs are clashing and always at war with each other.  I once briefly dated a Libra guy who I was very much attracted to, while the relationship was exciting in its initial stage just like all relationships usually are, with time our incompatibility began to poke their very ugly heads out. 

While I liked to go out and socialise occasionally, he constantly needed to go out or be serenaded by friends all day, every day.  I like having quiet, private time with my man, having to always share him equally with his friends pissed me off. The fact that I couldn’t share him with his buddies also pissed him off. So you see, we kept pissing off on each other until eventually, us both peaced out of the relationship. It wasn’t until the relationship was nearing its fortunate end that I took my time to analyse his zodiac sign, probably if I had done that initially I would have saved myself the emotional stress of a break-up and not bothered with the relationship.

What if you’re already deeply invested in a relationship with a partner whose zodiac sign is incompatible with yours, I don’t suggest you start devising an exit strategy to quit the relationship, but learning and having the knowledge of why your partner acts the way he does, can bring you some closure and acceptance for who he is. If you are a cancer woman married to a libra man you can decide to tolerate and accept the presence of his home buddies more,  because you now know he’s not doing that because he does not love you but because has a man obsessed with balancing his personal and social life. This will go a long way towards bringing harmony in your relationship.

One thing you should know is that zodiac signs are just baselines when it comes to a personality trait, several other factors make up a person’s personality trait. Don’t get so fixated in your partners' zodiac signs that you ignore other factors contributing to their personality.

If you are a firm believer that zodiac signs are clear bullshit, I encourage you to keep an open mind and learn more about it and use it when choosing that very significant other.

Your 9jagirlfriend don talk her mind finish, who don date guy wey una zodiac sign no match, give us tori make we hear.

Ophelia, The Real Life Barbie


                                           Ophelia wearing Contacts
My 9jagirlfriends, help me decide whether this na craze abi na just an ordinary Hobby?

This 30-year-old woman, Ophelia Vanity, from Los Angeles, California splurges tens of thousands of dollars on botox, fillers and beauty treatments just to look like the iconic doll. So far she don spend $35,000  (thats close to 11 million naira, money wey person go use solve real problem) on cosmetic procedures, and just like a true junkie she's not stopping there but is also angling for breast and bottom implants and want to have rib removal surgery to give her more of an hour glass shape. (hearing about rib removal makes me cringe, too extreme!)

Ophelia claims that she has always been a lover of Barbie and she got a doll every christmas or birthday. As she got older she decided to emulate her because she's such an iconic character. Ok na.

                                 Ophelia before she transformed to Barbie
8 years ago, she underwent her first Botox injections to make her face expressions, like that of a doll

                                   Ophelia and her roll model the iconic Barbie doll
In 2009, she had her first Botox injections in a bid to make her face expressionless, like a doll. As the result sweet her well well, she started having it regularly until it became a part of her beauty routine. Now she gets either botox or lip fillers every six to nine months, which she funds by doing odd jobs such as PA and modelling. For this Naija na ein person go use odd job do plastic surgery, when proffesionals never see chop finish.

                                                         Ophelia, in  full barbie glam 
I'm Pro plastic surgery, just a bit of a cut here and there to get you looking sharp, but when it gets to extreme cases where the person literarily breaths, walks, eats and thinks plastic surgery then it is a no no for me. I'd say she needs Pyschiatric evaluation, but you know say as Oyibo dey think no be so we here they think. After all, she claims her plastic surgeries is hurting nobody, true talk. Her surgeon don enjoy. Well if this makes her sleep well at night make she carry go.

Culled from Daily Mail

What Le Pens Father has to say about her Presidential Campain

                                          Marine Le Pen and Jean-Marie Le Pen. courtesy express.co.uk.

Le Pens father, Jean-Marie Le Pen who in 2002 was a candidate in the 2002 France election but lost in the second round of the presidential election to Jacques Chirac, came on air to air his views about his daughter's presidential campaign.

"I think her campaign is too laid-back. if I'd been in her place I would have had a Trump-like campaign, a more open one, very aggressive against those responsible for the decadence of our country whether left or right." said the 88-year-old french far-right veteran.

This remark by her father does not come as a surprise as both of them have been at loggerheads since she expelled him from the National Front, the party he founded and Launched moves to clean the party's s image of xenophobic assiciations in the run-up to the campaign for 2017 presidency.

I wonder why he did not think out a Trump-like campaign for his 2002 campaign, so far Marine Le Pen has been employing great tactics which has helped her move forward in the campaign, and hopefully nothing will deter her from winning.

Solange becomes a Webby Award Winner


A webby award which is hailed as the "internet's highest honour, is an award for excellence on the internet presented annually by the international Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

This morning, the Webby Awards announced their winners for the 21st annual ceremony which will be held on may 16 at Ciprianni Wall Street. Solange won the webby artist of the year, which is a great achievement. I guess her 2016 album "A seat at the Table", broke the internet and also afforded her a high profile seat at the table in the webby's.

Solange, along with the other winners in the different categories will be giving short and sweet five-word speeches at the ceremony.

Congrat's Solange you really deserve a seat art the table.

Ex BB Naija Housemate, Looks just like a star in a dress by Omoge creations

Bisola Aiyeola, who is one of my favourite BB Naija housemates shared the beautiful picture above on her Instagram page and captioned it 

"Out and about and totally loving my look in this beautiful piece by my home girl from way back" 

She added a series of hashtags with one of them saying #lifeofanactor.  Who knows, she's probably on to the next big movie project. Why do I feel that funkle akindele should watch her back with Bisola?

And yes, I also sighted the payporte Shoe. Looks lovely on her!

Ivanka Trump meets with workers and their families serving in the U.S. Embassy in Berlin.

Ivanka trump who is currently on her first international trip in Berlin after becoming an her father's most trusted adviser paid a visit to the U.S. Embassy in Berlin and met with the people who work there and their families. She posted the picture and caption above on twitter.

So far, Ivanka has been doing a great job as the first daughter and trusted adviser to her father, i hope he listens to her advice anyway. Trump just be like person wey dey do wetin dey in mind, trusted advisers or not.



                                    Courtesy of Uncova

I’m certain most of  my 9jagirlfriends who are single, 24 and above have experienced some amount of pressure from loved ones, colleagues, boss, church members or even the dreaded haters all asking when you will finally join the marriage train. 

Some of the pressuring can be of various types, like the subtle, seemingly harmless curiosity of your old secondary school mate who hits you up on Facebook after a few year of communication and asks “Jenny, Are you married?” or the almost hostile inquisition by your mother “Shola, when are you bringing our in-law to see us, you know you are not a baby again, and your time is flying by like a hurricane wind” or is it the almost fanatical  concern of your pastor who after every church service calls you into his office and holds a ten minutes hot prayer section on your head asking God for nothing other than a Husband for you, you find out that the value of this husband decreases drastically as your age increases.  When you’re 22, the pastor hammers prayer for a very wealthy husband, who probably lives in the abroad, preferably America or London. At 26, the husband can still be wealthy but don’t necessarily need to live in the abroad. At 29, the husband can be just an average hardworking man. At 32, the pastor prays for just a husband with no qualities attached to his supplication. Then at the very ripe old age of 35, the pastor starts praying and fasting almost daily with a feverish undertone of panic for “just any man, any man, be it who should come and locate your daughter….oh Lord.”

You find out that as time goes by all these pressuring starts to get into your head and create some very unpleasant thoughts up there. You start wondering to yourself, I’m I normal, what did my married friends do that I’m not doing right?, there must be an ancestral curse behind my singlehood, you spend hours in front of the mirror analyzing yourself and convincing yourself that you are not beautiful or worthy enough to attract a suitor. 

These thoughts like torrential rainfall on a sloppy land begin to erode your mindset and total well being, when you run across an old friends message notification on Facebook you don’t even bother opening and reading the message for fear of that dreadful question. The pressure ways down on you so much so that you begin to look older than you age, making the prospect of landing the husband harder.

You might be thinking that you’re all alone in this battle, But I can assure you that you’re not, because there are thousands of Nigerian girls out there that are also facing these same challenges and here are seven tips on how we can all manage that grinding pressure.

1. BE HAPPY: Happiness is one of the keys to living a fulfilling life. Just as other keys to different thing are hard to come by so is happiness. You might be thinking, how can I be happy in this situation I’m in. But why can’t you be happy?, don’t you know that there are benefits to being single?, your doubt me, ok, here are a few. As a single chick you have the freedom to spend your time any way you please, you still have the freedom to date different guys and choose which is best for you, you don’t wake up early in the morning to feed a baby whose intent is to scream down the whole house, you are not subject to having sex every night with round the clock demanding horny husband, you are not juggling your professional work with the work of raising children, and all the money you’re making now is only for you, you’re more healthy as a single cause some studies have shown that bad relationships or marriage can actually make you physically unhealthy. I know all these might sound selfish but we all have to be selfish to be selfless, and for a marriage to be successful each partner needs a healthy dose of selflessness.

    When you’re busy chasing your career or building up a business, all the external marriage pressure you will encounter will seem highly inconsequential to the ones you face from growing your career or business. If you get a nagging call from your mum or a nosy question from that old friend on social media, when you get home at night you immediately fall asleep from exhaustion instead of drowning yourself in self-pitying thoughts. But if you wake up for morning, fold your hand, sit down dey look, you will treat every question or call as if your existence depends on Marriage.

     Nothing will shut up every nosy person who pressures you about marriage more than your humorous reply. When that curious friend goes “Cindy why you never marry?’’you reply immediately and jokingly “Hehehe, I never ready to pack shit and cook round the clock’’ watch him/her clamp up and move to the next topic, if they persist, douse the conversation with more humour until they tire. Treat the subject lightly and watch others follow suit but treat it seriously and watch every dick and harry drag you to all the prayer ministries around town.

4  HAVE A PRIVATE  DISCUSSION WITH YOUR CLOSE FAMILY AND FRIENDS: When I mean close family and friends I mean those people you can’t do without and when they hound you, you feel like you have no ally’s left in the world. When these set of people starts pressuring you about marriage, the pressure has a way of sinking deep and causing more damage to your psyche than that of any fella out there. Sit down with let’s say your mum and have a detailed dialogue with her about your reasons for not being married yet, your goals and aspiration now and when you finally tie the knot, how her pressuring affects you mentally, physically or otherwise and why you need her to be supportive of your decisions. I tell you any mother wey love you and her head done go listen to your yarn.

5. STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF: Deep within you, you know yourself. Whatever that makes you happy or comfortable, as long as you’re ain't hurting nobody, DO IT. However your psyche is wired don’t rewire it to suit someone else, who knows you might not even want to ever get married because of one or two reasons, stick to that as long as at the end of the day you’re happy, don’t let anybody tell you that what you need is deliverance to rewire you, as long as no be madness, carry go.

6. GET A PLACE OF YOUR OWN: Having a place you call your own is like the true definition of domestic freedom.  Having an accommodation of your own away from your family house will afford you more rest of mind and privacy that’s unequalled. If your family doesn’t get to see you every day at home, they will nag you less often. It’s as simple as that.

7.  REMOVE THE WORD COMPROMISE FROM YOUR  DICTIONARY: “Never, Ever compromise” this should be the mantra of all my fellow single 9jagirlfriends out there. The minute you compromise is the minute you walk into a very unpleasant marriage of had I knowns. I always try to remind myself of this. Whatever you want in a Husband or out of a marriage never succumbs to the pressure of marriage, keep going doggedly for it. Who is to say that we can’t have it all? Your married friends who tell you that you’re being unrealistic? Don’t mind them, they are simply jealous of the ability you still have to choose.

Go out there be confident and happy with who you are, what you have and where you are in life right now, cause the only option you have is to SLAY.

I don yarn finish. Wetin una think? Feel free to add your tips to the list and share your opinions.

Former miss Nigeria, Sylvia Emecheta stuns in a Pleated dress


The former beauty queen who looks very gorgeous in the picture above, posted it on Instagram and captioned it 

"It is in herself, she will find the strength she needs"

With a series of hashtags she boldly advertised her high fashion wardrobe to her followers, apparently the belt is Hermes, the sunglasses Tom ford, the bag and earrings Channel, i can't tell if the choker is the one that;s from collier de chien. My fashionable 9jagirlfriend's i trust you girls to help me debug that.

i agree with her caption, the strength we seek is within us.

Annonymus Writer say's "As a female presenter, i was replaced by younger models"

                                            courtesy Jezebel
This is a write up by an anonymous female presenter who wrote to guardian.

I am denied opportunities given to younger members of staff and sidelined by managers, despite having more experience
I am in my late 50s and have worked as a journalist for nearly 30 years, both on-screen as a reporter and off-screen as a news producer. I used to love my job and felt like a valued member of the team. Sadly, that has changed over the last 10 years.
I am denied opportunities given to younger members of staff and sidelined by managers, despite having the knowledge and experience to cover the story. I constantly volunteer for news projects but am not included in the team and made to feel invisible. I have to help far less experienced journalists do a job that I am being denied the opportunity to do, which is frustrating. This is especially the case when I have to save them from making legal or factual mistakes. This is all because the bosses prefer to have younger reporters on screen. They would not consider having a woman over 50 on camera. I still have knowledge, looks and talent but I do not fit the media stereotype.
In the morning news meetings if I offer my opinion on something I am often cut off mid sentence or completely dismissed. I have tried to ignore this, but it has chipped away at my confidence and now I don’t bother to voice my opinions or bring ideas to the table for fear of being made to look stupid.
For the last few years I have not been given the same training and promotional opportunities as younger members of staff. It is as if my career has stopped. This is crazy because now I have time to commit more to work and do longer shifts as my family are all grown up and have left home. With state pensions not being available until 67, I now have to work longer and I want to feel fulfilled at work. Something I seem unable to get across to management, despite numerous conversations.
When I try to highlight the issue of ageism with younger female members of staff, they say it is not a big problem. However, I have watched these same people change their minds 10 years down the line when they are taken off screen to be replaced by a younger model and their voices are not heard any more. What’s even more frustrating is that at the same time older, male journalists are being left to carry on reporting on screen.
Outside work, I am confident and articulate and have achieved many things. But in work I feel constantly degraded and humiliated by ageist comments. Mistakes I make are highlighted and the response to those mistakes is totally disproportionate, but when younger members of staff make the same mistakes it is brushed aside. I have to defend myself against fabricated allegations that are used to undermine my credibility in the workplace. I have seen this happen to older friends of mine who eventually could not carry on with the stress of the situation and took early retirement.
I am left with the feeling that my only option is to leave and find another job. But in my late 50s that is easier said than done. And there is the added feeling of anger: why should I be forced out of a job that I am good at just because I am seen as too old?
All this is starting to affect my mental and physical health. I am nervous, tearful and do not sleep properly. I am constantly rehearsing conversations I want to have with management to stop this ageist behaviour towards me. I get up in the morning with a feeling of dread because I know I will be subjected to ageist comments and have no way of defending myself.
When I see my boss in the office my heart is racing and I feel nervous as I await the next onslaught of criticism. I fear it will make me cry, which only goes to make me look more like an old woman who cannot cope with the stress of a busy newsroom.
Culled from The Guardian.
Most of us thinks that having a job where you have to appear everyday in front of the cameras on TV is a glamorous job, but in truth its really not that, cause will working to do your job in the best way possible, you also have to work to keep your physical appearance well lit. It's almost an abomination to age in front of the camera, reminds me of Guiliana Rancic and her retirement from E News, though she said she left willingly we all knew that her age and overly thin physique had a lot to do with her retirement. A society where women are not permitted to age gracefully is one in need of a serious make over. 
My 9jagirlfriends i don yarn finish, which of you have experienced or is experiencing this kind of treatment at work, please share your experiences with us.

Eucharia Anunobi Prophesies to her followers


Evangelist Eucharia Anunobi posted this picture on her Instagram page and wrote the Prophetic words below; 

When mercy finds a person , judgements are overruled .

When mercy finds a person , protocols are broken .
When mercy finds a person , doors open effortlessly .
When mercy finds a person , people come under a holy pressure to help you .
When mercy finds a person , your mistakes are overlooked .
When mercy finds a person , even your enemies will recommend you .
Luke 17 : 13
Oh mercy found me !!! . 
I prophesy as commanded , may mercy find you . May mercy distinguish you , may mercy announce you and may mercy take you from the wilderness to the throne of glory and have your detractors biting their fingers in shame and wondering : how come it's you ?
Somebody hola , Somebody scream , Somebody shout : MERCY FOUND ME !!!!
Enjoy your day beloved . Lots of love and peace always in Jesus name.

Her loving Instagram followers all but echoed their Amen's in the comment section.  I'm still at a loss at which Eucharia I like better, the Fierce Nollywood Actress who used to star in such thrilling roles that will keep your eyes glued to the screen or the Fervent Evangelist who is more demure in character. I might just have to go with the former. My 9jagirlfriend's which Eucharia do you like better?

La La Anthony Spotted over the weekend in an NYC Strip Club following split with husband.


                                  La La Anthony in NYC last week. Courtesy Just Jared
Former MTV VJ La La Anthony who just split with her husband of six years, NBA Star Carmelo Anthony, was spotted spending her weekend in a top New Your City's strip club, according to TMZ, the hangout was rather more of a business thingy than pleasure.

She was only at the strip club to shoot a footage for her new TV show, "Goal Diggers" about women in risque industries (you know those our girlfriend's wey dey do stripper work or be video vixens) who break out and become mainstream businesswomen. 

According to TMZ, one of the women in the Goal Diggers series works at sapphire(the club), and that was the reason they used the club to shoot footage.
According to French Montana, who is her good friend and was also at the club during the shoot, La La is doing well after the split.

I do hope she keeps doing well, divorce should not be an excuse to stop pursuing your goals. "Goal Diggers" has a nice ring to it. From digging Goal dem good dig out Gold. My 9jagirlfriends, endeavour to be "Goal diggers" just like La La and her Cast and not "Gold diggers"

Can Marine Le Pen Pull of the Trump Trick?

                                                Marine Le Pen. Courtesy Politico Europe

Marine Le pen is a dedicated daughter, a twice-divorced mother of three and also National front party presidential candidate in the ongoing 2017 Presidential Election in France, on may 7, both she and Emmanuel Macron who took first place with 24.01% of the first round voting will go through a runoff and the winner will be the next president of France.

While Le pen's resume is not the same as Trump's, they both share the same Patriotic views for their respective countries. They both want tighter border security for their countries, not too compassionate about immigrants who flood their countries and directly or indirectly increase to the mayhem in their countries and also, they want to make their respective countries great again. lol, that Trump's mantra will make you wonder if America was not already great before him. Le Pen even want's to go as far as changing France currency from the almighty Euro to a national currency (we don't want to imagine the disastrous effect this will have on the value of the euro) and also pulling out France from the EU just as Britain did with the Brexit. That's a lot of change in just one term of governance which most french citizens are not willing to bite on.

Last year, I was among the Non- Americans who valiantly supported Hilary Clinton and before the final elections thought undoubtfully that she will become the 45th president of the United States. Why because, she not only possessed the best stuffed political resume but also conducted herself with decorum all through  the US Presidential Campaign while Trump, acted like the new kid on the block. But alas, with his rather extreme political views he beat Hilary to the Oval office. Anything is possible in America, right?

Now, I can't claim I fully understand or agree with the views of the man in the oval office, but I can try to understand the people that put him there.These are people who were desperately concerned for their countries safety, who needed all the political muck up in Washington to be washed out so that the can have a transparent government. Basically, they needed change.

These same supporter's though in a different country and speaking a different language are also Le Pen's supporter's, and so far has gotten her to where she is, directly behind Emmanuel Macron and giving him and his supporter's a run for their money.

                                    Macron and Le Pen, Courtesy Chicago Tribune.

As most of us are aware of, in the last few years France has been the target of an awful lot of terrorist attacks and the citizens are highly agitated about their safety, as they should be. A good number of the citizens are after a more secure border and a  tighter sweep down on the terrorists both home and abroad, things which Le Pen is offering. 

Right now,  a majority of france citizens, including the high-profile ones such as the incumbent President Francois Hollande and the whole of Europe is in support of her opposition Macron, just like Hillary Clinton had a majority of high profile supporters, among which was Obama the then President of the US. However, they might all get a shock of their life by may 7 when Le pen takes the lead at the elections, after all, all she needs to win the race, is another Terrorist attack, though no reasonable person pray's for that, but we all know that France is prone to a lot of Terrorist attacks. Even if the terrorist attack occurs just in a neighbouring country, it might just be enough to seal Le Pens's position as the next president of France. 

Currently, it seems like the whole world is riding the bandwagon of change, even we wey dey naija, dey for the forefront of the bandwagon of change, who knows, France fit join us soon, assuming Le Pen pulls off the trump trick. 

For Le Pen, I can understand where she's coming from being a woman and mother who want's to protect not only her children but the entire country. If truth be told, I support her cause, yes I know is identical to that of Trump's which I passionately refuted last year, but as we all know change is the only thing constant, my perspectives have changed somewhat and I think it will be best for the french citizens to keep an open mind for change. I also support her, merely because I want to see more qualified women in offices of power around the one before you shout feminist know that Le Pen has better political experience than Macron.

My 9jagirlfriends, I don talk my mind finish, wetin una think? You think say Le Pen fit do the magic Trump did?



Good morning to all my 9jagirlfriends all over the globe. Today I will officially launch 9jagirlfriend's Blog and before the blog posts start rolling in I will like to Officially introduce the blog to you all. Ok, here we go.


My name is Juliet, your typical average 9jagirlfriend who loves reading and chatting with her girlfriend's, though I don't easily make friend's I try my best to keep the one's I have, as long as they are willing to be kept. *winks*


just like every average Nigerian youth, not a day goes by without me scanning through at least one of the blog's I follow for all the hottest gist, celebrity scoops and news out there. However, I noticed that there isn't a blog or site in the Nigerian web out there Soley promoting Nigerian girls (young and old) and uniting them together. With this blog, I intend to celebrate girls (locally and internationally) and also create an avenue to unite us all together, with vibrant discussions, arguments, news and gossip( mmhmmm, girls love gossip of course.)


My blog posts will be centered on news and articles about ladies all over the world, who are either crossing boundaries, breaking the norm, going through challenges or just plain living their lives. I will also be posting my own written articles on my opinions in a variety of intriguing topics. there would be different sections of the blog such as the "dear diary" section (where every 9jagirlfriend who visit's the blog can give an account of their day) and the "spill it" section (where every 9jagirlfriend can also spill the beans in their personal life), other section's of the blog will be unfolded as time goes by.


I sha hope say 9jagirlfriend's blog go fulfill ein purpose, by connecting and uniting Nigerian girl's all over the globe and also add as an interesting part of every 9jagirlfriend's day.

Yes, I forgot to tell you ladies to expect a line or two of our Naija pidgin in my post's, as a typical Naija girl, pidgin na my third language, I no fit escape am.

Thanks for taking out time to read the blog intro, your comments and ideas will be greatly appreciated. See you in the next blog post.


To contact your 9jagirlfriend

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