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Reasons why Nigerian girls settle as side chicks


Hello my 9jagirlfriends, let’s have a discussion about these side chick syndrome amongst our 9jagirlfriends.  The term SIDE CHICK, is sort of a modernized way to refer to the other woman in a man’s life, which makes it sound less bitter and more flashier than it actually is. Back in the days, I mean those archaic days, these girls were referred to as husband/boyfriend snatcher, mistress even the dreaded word Ashawo, to name a few.

Most of us at one point in time have had to wear the side chick tag, whether you choose to agree to this or not is none of my biz. But let me bust your bubble, remember that your supposed boyfriend, who you were so much in love with and all his boyfriends, including that his wicked cousin referred to you as their wife,  but you later found out he had another girlfriend, but after foaming and cursing him out, you thought to yourself “well she’s the side chick”. Later when the passion fizzled out like carbonated gas on an open bottle of coke and you too broke up, you discover from maybe one of those his evil home buddies that the supposed side chick was actually his main chick and to rub salt into a bleeding injury, one year later they both wind up tying the knot. Yes, you were the side chick, but don’t run of this post crying because a good number of us have been there.

Now while most of us took up the side chick tag unknowingly there are still some of our 9jagirlfriends that have knowingly, with their two koro koro eyes proudly taken up the tag and are more than comfortable as SIDE CHICKS.

You might be thinking, which girl in her right faculties would want to be a side chick, why eat half a slice bread when you can have a full pack of chin chin? Well, these our girlfriends who are proud side chicks don’t see it that way, after all to them,  bread is soft on the mouth, but you know chewing chin chin, especially those ones hawked in motor packs, can make you lose a tooth just from cracking a piece. So they’d tell you that half bread better pass full chin chin jare.

You want to know why these our girlfriends will settle as SIDE CHICKS, ok let's go there.

1. MONEY: Have in mind that 80% of these proud side chicks don’t date the run of the mill, average 9ja guy, rather they go for the big guys, the ones with a loads of cash in their pockets, they can be sugar daddies in the seventies or sugar bobos in their late twenties, age does not matter for them, why would it, when age na just number. They more than willingly offer up their services in return for a healthy paycheck.

2. LIBERTY: Unlike the responsibility that comes from being a girlfriend, a side chick has absolute freedom to do whatever she pleases. She doesn’t have to explain her whereabouts to a boyfriend. Side chicks go where they want to when they want to and if that’s not enough, they do what they want to. Independence has never seemed more real.

3. FREE TICKET:  Not only is a side chicks bank account updated currently, her Passport get to be stamped frequently. Most men will rather take their side chicks out on exotic trips, while the main chick hibernates at home, why? Just by informing his side chick that he wants to book a trip for her to let’s say, the Bahamas, he has already silently signed a contract of round the clock sex with her. Whether their two comot for hotel room go see the real Bahamas na tori for another day.

4. NO BULLSHIT: An experienced side chick knows not to succumb to any BS from the man. First and foremost what the man is to her is a cash cow, simple and short. So she wouldn’t tolerate any sob story about not having the money to pay for that new makeup kit that cost past her three months rent. Not buying that makeup kit for her equates no sex and as una know, the primary reason men keep side chicks is for sex.

5. NO TENSION:  A side chick doesn’t deal with the incessant tension that arises from fights and arguments in a normal relationship. The relationship is purely a contract where both parties know their role. No need to start fighting him when she hears that he has a second side chick, mean if he’s cheating on his main chick with her, the probability that he's cheating on her with another chick is very high. She just rolls with the flow.

6. NO SHARING OF BED SPACE: Hehehe, this one might seem funny, but it’s very practical. After the rump in the hay, the man gets up and leaves while she spreads her leg anyway she likes and has a sound sleep dreaming of what she will do with the new bank alert without any interruption from a bed partner.

7. CAREFREE ABOUT THE FUTURE OF THE RELATIONSHIP:  She has it in the bank of her mind that the relationship is going nowhere, so she doesn’t stay up at night worrying about how to rope the man to the altar, nah, that kind thing no dey.

8.NO HEARTBREAK: When the relationship finally ends, she walks away without her heart in one piece; the only thing she mourns is the paycheck, which is not enough to break her heart.

9. EGO BOOST: The side chick thinks “if he’s with me, then there’s something about me that is irresistible to men” the attention she gets from the man fuels her ego sotey her head go dey swell like bread when dem don soak for water for three days.

10. LOVE: I can’t leave this out. Now, there’s a fraction of the side chicks out there who are willing side chicks because they are hopelessly in love with the man, even when they know about or have even seen the man’s main chick with their two koro koro eyes. Most men are masters in deceit, they will shower their side chick with fake love so much so they poor chick will fall hopelessly in love with them, the money becomes totally useless to her as all she wants is his love. Here me and here me loud, these side chicks are the most DANGEROUS side chicks for your man to have. She will plot and scheme on how to take your man away from you and make him hers.  I  pray none of my 9jagirlfriends who are main chicks jam such a side chick.

Make una know say una 9jagirlfriend no dey judge any of our 9jagirlfriends wey be proud side chick. We all have the freedom to live our lives the way we want to. But my advice be say, make you do quick drop that your side chick tag go find better thing do with your life, if ein no be you own, ein no be your own. 

Feel free to share your experiences and opinions, if you still dey do the side chick work, yarn us as e dey go. 

Amber Rose's Hoe Ass Picture


lol, never knew that hoe was life.                 

Ex-Stripper,  Amber Rose, went on a hike with her friends and decided to take a picture which she called a hoe ass picture with the caption below

"When ur on a hike but you have to stop and take a hoe ass picture cuz hoe is life"

Some of her followers came for her, read their comments below 

  • nofuxxsgiven89Hoe is not life thank god u dnt have a little girl but there are little girls that look up to u amber and ur saying being a hoe is ok lik being the side chick is ok lik nooo Amber
  • box1013Lol
  • nadiabandulaWhy are you promoting being a hoe??? 😳 you are a mother, and looking at your past relationships, being a hoe had never helped in you being treated right.... 🤔 be a role model for those young girls and help them avoid a future like yours! How can men EVER respect girls acting like "hoes"??? Absolutely shocking!

13 year old Matilda Jacobs is Missing.


13-year-old Matilda Jacons who is 5 feet tall has been declared missing by her family. The last time she was seen was on April 22, 2017, in Gbadage, Lagos. Anyone with useful information about her should kindly contact the appropraite authorities.

Culled from Linda Ikeji's Blog.

American Bussinesswoman Get's jailed in China for alleged Espionage


This makes it over two years of Sandra Phan-Gills, a resident of Houston, has been detained when she came for a business trip with officials from Texas. The Chinese court has finally convicted her of spying and she was sentenced to three and a half years in prison and deportation, after pleading guilty on Tuesday to espionage charges in a closed court hearing in the southern Chinese city of Nanning.

The court did not make known how much longer Phan-Gills will be in Chinese detention before she is deported.

However, the husband claimed that she's innocent and he has documents that she was in the U.S. during the period in the 1990s when she is alleged to have spied for the American government in China. making it a probability, that the woman may haven chosen to plead guilty at her trial in order to be released early.

According to her lawyer, Shang, "She's supposed to serve the sentence in China, but maybe there's a condition based on which she can be deported to the U.S. before the imprisonment. We hope she can return to the U.S. as soon as possible."

The full details of her allegations has not yet been revealed by the Chinese Government.

culled from money.cnn

Caitlyn Jenner is interested in running for a public office


Caitlyn Jenner who's a popular character in the TV series "keeping up with the kardashian and her own show "I am Cait" and also a die hard republican who supports Donald Trump and voted for him despite his negative opinions about the LGBT community which she's a champion for, during an interview by author and fellow LGBT advocate Jenny Boylan, to promote her new book told a crowd at the 92nd street Y community centre in New York City that over the next year or two, she will look at where she thinks she could be more effective: On the inside of government or from the outside with her foundation.
She went on further to say that she will not give Trump or the Republican Party a pass if they "screw up." 
"My Loyalties are not with Donald Trump. I will come after him and come after Republicans if they come after my community. I've got a voice and they better listen, OK? I will com after them."
When a member of the audience asked her if she would ever consider a job in the Trump administration, she said it was a legitimate question.

Culled from

I'm sure whenever she totally makes up her to run for a public office she will have a truckload of supporters. Don't be surprised she might even be the next President of America, lol. With America anything is possible

Serena Williams revealed her pregnancy by accident


The highly acclaimed Tennis player says her pregnancy reveal on snap chat was a mistake. All she just wanted to do was to save the picture above for her own view only as she is fond of tracking her pregnancy by taking weekly pictures of herself.

In her words "I was just saving them for myself. I've been so good about it, but this was the one time I slipped."

She will be taking a maternity leave for the rest of the Australian open season, where she won an Opera-era record 23rd Grand Slam Singles title after beating her sister Venus.

"I definitely plan on coming back. I'm not done yet" she said. Crediting her sister for her inspiration.

Culled from

The tennis world will be eagerly looking forward to Serena's return

Adesua Etomi's #WCW Picture


Knocking on heaven's door actress, Adesua Etomi, posted this lovely picture of herself and tagged it #wcw.

 Her followers applauded her with lovely comments, obviously crushing on her.

love the shoes.

Rosie O'donnel Takes a harsh swipe on Trump


The Comedian and television personality who is outspoken about her dislike for Trump and his administration and obviously displeased on his achievements in his 100 days in office retweeted a post hashtagged 100 days of shame from R. Saddler a political PR who is of has the same stance as she does on Trump.


She tweeted further, attacking trump "He is batshit crazy - moronic and cruel - he is illegitimate and so is his entire administration -repeal and replace trump - and every EO"

Rosie is definitely not one to stifle her opinions.


Ex BB Naija Housemate Bisola will be joining the cast of Jenifa's diary soon


Heheehe, yesterday I made a post about Bisola and warned Funke to watch her back with Bisola, apparently, Funke has already is already doing that as she's literarily practising the adage that says "keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Lol, not insinuating any form of enmity between this two o

Well, the great news is that Bisola will be joining the Jenifa's Diary cast soon. This means more entertainment for the fans of Jenifa Diary, you know Bisola and her mimicry ways na.

Three Months Pregnant Teacher Murdered By her Husband in Lagos


Before her Unfortunate demise, Mrs. Titilayo Shodipo who hails from the Republic of Benin was a devoted Choir Mistress in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, a loving mother of four children, also three month's pregnant with a fifth child on the way, hardworking teacher and wife of Mr Omolaja Shodipo an Indigene of Ogun State, whom she was married to for seven years.
Just like a lot of Nigerian women in difficult marriages, Late Mrs Titilayo had a tumultuous marriage with her husband which often involved constant arguments and fights. However, the marriage took a turn for the worse when on Monday 24/04/2017 during one of their fights, her husband picked up a sharp object and stabbed her to death ended the rather doomed marriage and the women's life.
The police from the Owutu division were alerted by her neighbours who visited the scene only to see her lifeless body sprawled on the ground.
One of the resident's who was interviewed by Punch Metro said "She was three months pregnant at the time of the incident. Her mother, who kept lamenting the incident, also confirmed it when she came to the scene. The unfortunate part of the story was that after the police removed the corpse and locked up their house, their four children had nowhere to go. They slept outside in the open. The eldest of them is five-year-old; others are four, three and two years." The same resident then asked the Lagos State Government to take charge of the children.
In all these, the husband is at large, yet to be apprehended by the police.

Culled from Punch.

Whenever a woman dies from domestic violence in marriage, we cringe in horror. The story is always almost the same. I wonder why the neighbours could not offer the poor children a temporary shelter, where is our human sympathy? Those neighbours were just comfortable to shut their doors and have a good night rest while the children slept in the open air. Could they not have gone to keep vigil with the unfortunate children. What of the said mother of the late woman? why did she not take her grandchildren along with her to her home? In all these the children are the true victims, imagine growing up with the stigma of your father killing your mother, not only did they loose their mother they've lost their father too. the ultimate age long question in all these is "WHY DO WOMEN REMAIN IN A MARRIAGE RIDDEN WITH DOMESTIC VIOLENCE" Truth is that if it's not working, it's not working? Why break your head over it. Why not choose divorce Over death?
This should serve as a jolt for all the women staying in a relationship riddled with Violence. Wake up and leave with your life, before some scrapes out your corpse from the floor of that bedroom, your trying so hard to keep.

Viola Davis Glamorous Ensemble to Time's 100 Gala


The 51-year-old Oscar Award winning Actress for the best supporting role for fences, looked fresh and radiant in a purple off-shoulder Armani gown, as she stepped out to the Times 100 Gala of which she among their 100 Most Influential People of 2017. 

Viola is doing great for herself in Nollywood and stardom sits quite elegantly on her.