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New website offers US women assistance to perform abortion by themselves


women help women , an international advocacy group this week is unveiling a web portal that will be dedicated to helping US women terminate their own pregnancies with abortion inducing drugs they have obtained outside of a medical setting.

This project comes as a result that Donald Trump's presidency which is against abortion posses a once-in-a-generation threat to US reproductive rights. In a way the project points to the fact that many US women may already be taking matters into their own hands.

Susan Yanow, the US spokeswoman for the group said, "Women in the US have been and are using the pills without good guidance, if a woman is anxious and has the pills in her hand and doesn't know what to do...we can help her understand what to do. We can help her understand what signs to look for, and what's going on."

With the website US women can connect with medically trained counselors to work them through step-by-step instructions, and answer questions, in real time. The counselors will also strive to connect women with abortion funds if payment is the main obstacle for getting an abortion in a clinic.

The project will be titled Self-managed Abortion, Safe and Supported, or SASS, and use the website

Culled from The guardian

Porn Star Sparks Controversy by declaring she is an Evangelical Christian


25-year-old Kamilla Warneck who grew up in a deeply religious household, but is now one of the hottest adult movie stars in Brazil, appearing in over hundreds of erotic movies, declared in an interview X-rated TV show Pornolandia, that she has an "evangelical faith" and doesn't believe it crashes with her career because she's a "good person at heart."

Rhis came as a surprise to the host Nicole Puzzi, who has interviewed dozens of sex industry stars. she went on further to ask her "But how do you relate that to your work because people believe a porn actress cannot be evangelical and cannot be religious."

Kamillia replied. "People are very judgmental. They try to make you conform in a way they think an evangelical should be because society says so. But I don't agree with this. I think God sees inside our hearts. He judges the good and bad things you do and i do good things for people . I'm a good person at heart and that's what matters."

The interview clip which went viral and sparked a lot of controversy among people with some on social media condemning her to "burn in hell" while others said she has the right to do what she wants.


Missing 16 months old girl found dead in an Illinois home


Sixteen month's Semaj Crosby's  mother, Sheri Gordon, reported her daughter missing Tuesday evening, according to a press release by the Will County Sherrif's Office, Gordon said that her daughter was playing in the yard with her cousins and wandered away.

After a 30 hours search by the Authorities and more than hundred volunteers who combed nearby woods and ponds the search, gained consent from a family attorney and entered the child's home   where she was found dead around midnight. 

According to NBC Chicago,  the family has been placed under investigation by the Department of Child and family Services for neglect.

Veronica Resa, deputy director of communications for DCFS, said to NBC;

"We have had prior contact with this family including four unfounded investigations for neglect and two prior pending investigations for neglect opened in March 2017." 

According to NBC Chicago, The Authorities have said that an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death

Ex BB Naija Housemate Bisola set to appear at popular Abuja club "The Bank"


This Friday, Bisola will be the celebrity anchor at the popular Abuja Nightclub, "The Bank." Those of you in Abuja who have been aiming to see her can grab this opportunity now. 

BB Naija Housemate Tboss sends her love to BossNation


The ex BB Naija Housemate posted this pick of herself on her page with the caption below

Big hair don't care... Actually that's a lie, I care cos it's so HOT Omg😩😩😩... But we speaking only positivity so we good... #BossNation I love you guys💋💋💋

Woman Spends 30 years Living as a slave

                                               Guadalupe Perez

One day When 43-year-old Mexican woman, Guadalupe Perez Castillo was a 10 years old girl, selling fruit in the town square in the impoverished indigenous community of  Las Agujas, a little town in the municipality of Tantoyuca in the Mexican coastal state of Veracruz, to assist her poor family, a woman came to Perez's family home, accompanied by a local Spanish speaking translator as the family only spoke Huasteco. 

According to Perez, the woman told the family that she was looking for a babysitter for her children. The family agreed to hand over Perez to her who she would pay for her services and send her to a good school in the big city, as well as send the poor family a monthly sum.

"I was at first elated because I was going to be able to help my family without having to sell fruit. I wanted to study. My dream was to have a career one day." Perez said. 

Before leaving with Perez, the woman gave Perez's mother some money on the spot.

Perez said that it was when she arrived at the woman's family home, that she realized her true intentions. She was forced to do all the housework and care for the children, with the woman refusing to pay her a dime. Also, the woman will give her only scraps to eat and there was no bed for her so she slept on the floor. 

"She would say that we indigenous people were used to sleeping on the floor, like animals. She had a sofa, but wouldn't let me use it because she said I was going to ruin it," Perez said.

On several times when she tried to escape, she was returned to her captives,  as nobody in the new city understood her dialect. According to Perez's testimony in court, The woman will punish here with beatings her each time escaped and her husband will also molest her as part of her punishment.

"After they would tell me that if I escaped again, they were going to kill me, chop me up into little pieces and toss them into the river so that my mother wouldn't find me," Perez said.

Consequently, by the time she was a teenager she stopped trying to escape; but the abuse did not stop.

"They would pull my hair. sometimes, when I had to take frozen meat out of the freezer, they would hit me with it I the head," Perez said. 

All these hardships eventually made Perez numb, she said.

"I lost the notion of time. I didn't know what the day of the week it was, or whether it was dusk or dawn. I didn't even know when my birthday arrived." she recalled.

 It wasn't till she was almost 40 and the lady of the house became an elderly woman that  Perez got the opportunity to break free.

"That night the lady's son, the youngest, the one I used to babysit, had an accident. She went to the hospital and that's when I escaped." Perez said.

Authorities convicted the woman on slavery and forced domestic work charges.

But even after three years of gaining her freedom, transitioning into a normal life is proving difficult for Perez. She has a tendency to look down when talking to others and constantly rubs her hands while speaking. 

Her attorney, Maria Paredes, says that when they took a recent trip together, it was obvious that her client was still trapped in her old self.

"She couldn't stop. If we went to a restaurant, she wanted to do the dishes. If we travelled and stayed at a hotel, she wanted to do the beds. They really stole 30 years of her life from her." Paredes said.

Perez, who has now been in therapy for some time is currently learning to live in freedom.

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13 year Old girl impregnated by 74-year-old man who denies the Claims, Citing Weak erection.


An anonymous 13-year-old girl was allegedly rapped by a 74-year-old man Opeyemi Adepoju who denies the claims, however he admitted to having fun with her, a prosecution witness, Femi Adesumo, a Police Officer told an Ikeja Division of the Lagos State High Court on Wednesday.

Mr Adesumo further went on to say that old man admitted to being with the girl in his house at the Oworonsoki area but denied having a sexual relationship.

The case was reported to the Police station on the 25th of January, 2014, around 11:30hours.

According to Adepoju initial statement, he said that he does have fun with the girl two to three times, thereby, having canal knowledge of the girls, who sells smoked fish and brings them for sale at the house. 

However, after the girl was taken to the General Hospital in Ikeja for medical checks and it was discovered that she was pregnant , the old man reverted his statement, denying he ever had carnal knowledge of the girl claiming he had a weak erection and that he doubts if the girl was pregnant or was even a virgin."

The case has been adjourned to June 8 for continuation of trial.

Old man from hell, Now he has a weak erection, mtcheww.

Watch Video: Two Teenage girls beat a girl to death and Live stream it.

Two teenage Canadian girls who are 16 and 17-years old respectively have been arrested for the murder of the 19 year old teenage girl pictured above. They practically beat the girl to death with their bare hands whilst life-streaming the Murder. 

The picture below is that of one of the girls who was arrested, who is said to be the ring leader.

                                              Ringleader Chrissy Jacobs

Watch the Video of the Murder below

What's with all these life streams eh? Is it that the people behind it just want's to be popular by evil acts? I don't understand the way people reason this days.

What Alibaba has to say about Women who remain in an Abusive Marriage

Alibaba Shared this Photo of a lady who was recently attacked by her husband and kicked out of her home in the middle of the night in Akwa Ibom and aired his mind on remaining in an Abusive Marriage. 

"And some will say stay...And take it to the Lord in Prayer...every marriage has it's own challenges...that us just their way. Until the violent spouse kills the partner. Shebi God said till death do us part. Now they want to listen to God. When God said Adam and Eve... they said it Adam and Steve. Dis you take that to God and he said ride on? John and Jacob...That's ok." Alibaba wrote

Culled from Linda Ikeji's blog

He made a lot of good points, When the marriage no dey work, e no dey work. You don't need good to ride down from heaven and tell you to leave. Leave with yourself intact, not in pieces.

Omotola's Daily Times Cover Photo


The ever beautiful seasoned Nollywood actress, posted the picture of her cover photo with Daily Times Nigeria, with the caption below

Dont be the Last to know why everyone is gushing about this one! @Dtnowng cover Unveil !
Come to bed with me let's ... 🙈 TALK👄 congrats @caramelchicng #dailytimes

On the top right-hand section of the cover photo, she's quoted saying "I have a lot of stamina, I was built for the long run." 

I wonder what type of stamina she's referring to, In bed or out of bed? lol

Ex BB Naija Housemate Uriel Oputa's Homecoming Hosted by the Imo State Government


Ex BB Naija housemate is expected to get a homecoming party by her State Government on Saturday 29th April, by 3pm. 

She's to be accompanied by her fellow Ex-Housemates, Kemen, TinTallTony, Gifty and Coco ice. The event is sponsored by YellowMouth Concepts in collaboration with the Imo State Government.

Isn't this homecoming rather late? 

Tonto Dikeh's Early morning words of advice


Tonto Just Posted this picture of herself on Instagram, with the caption below

Why are you always sad? 
You have money, not much but enough. 
You have food, whatever you want to eat. 
You live in a house, it's small but it's yours. 
You have clothes, so what if they aren't designer. 
You lost a loved one, we all did, but they wouldn't like to see you unhappy, the energy from their soul is still there, they live on in your heart. 
You are scared of death... Why? 
When it happens it happens, concern yourself with loving and living. 
Don't die having never lived. 
You don't get on well with your family... You will eventually, or you won't but your friends are the family you get to choose. So choose wisely 
You are trying to become more spiritual, but aren't sure where to start... Cleanse your body and mind of negative energy 1st, Pray for direction will help, so will eating healthy foods, stop taking poisons. 
A poisonous body is a poisonous mind. 
If you are single you are single for a reason, just as when you get into a relationship you will have your reasons. 
Remember your happiness starts with you. 
Not with your relationship.
Not with your friends. 
Not with your job. 
But with you. 
Things outside of you won't fix things on the inside 
You are loved, by others but not by yourself, start by loving yourself and be happy, because you are alive when many others died for the opportunity to live... #chkbrs#POKOBARS #KINGTONTO #MAMAKING #Love💃🏾 #LOVING&LIVING #TB

Khloe Kardashian slammed with a Lawsuit for posting a paparazzi Photograph of herself on Instagram


A federal lawsuit has been filed against Khloe Kardashian by a photo agency, 'Xposure Photos", accusing her of infringing on their copyrights.

The company who is demanding $150,000 alleged that she posted a photo illegaly on Instagram without crediting them and removed the copyright information,. They also claimed that they would have profited from the photos if Khloe hadn't shared them on her account. 

According to Xposure Photos;

"Kardashian's Instagram post made the photograph immediately available to her nearly 67 million followers and others, consumers of entertainment news- and especially news and images of Kardashian herself, as evidenced by their status as followers of Kardashian- who would otherwise be interested in viewing licensed versions of the photograph in the magazines and newspapers that are plaintiff's customers," 

The Pic which was originally bought by another outlet was taken when she was at the Miami restaurant komodo in September 2016.

The price of fame is very hefty. So because na Paparazzi take the picture, person no fit post ein own pictures on Instagram in peace again?

Tonto Dikeh Foundation gives Scholarship to 345 students in the FCT


According to Tonto Dikeh within six months her foundation "Tonto Dikeh Foundation", has awarded scholarships to 345 indigent students in the Karamajiji community, a suburb along Airport road in Abuja Federal Capital Territory to further their education from primary to the university level.
She told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the gesture was to enable her to contribute her quota to the intellectual development of youths in the country.

Ajah Based Mama G Allegedly incurs over 700k Worth of debt at A Lekki Beach Bar


According to Punch Metro, A woman by name of Mrs. Shaw, aka Mama G, on August 15, 2016, at 6am went to a bar on Lekki Beach Road to have fun which lasted 1am, the following day, that's exactly 19hours of fun which resulted to a N757,750 worth of debt.

This is how the barman told his side of the story to a Punch Metro correspondent.

"Mama G came to my bar about 6am on August 15, 2016, and ordered drinks. She told me to serve everybody that came to the bar and promised to pay. In the afternoon, I told her that her bill was over 200,000. She slapped my face and asked me whether she looked like a debtor."

"She said I should serve very expensive drinks to whoever came to the bar. She even called some beggars who were passing by into the bar to drink. Around 6.30pm, a man came into the bar to mark his birthday along with his friends, numbering about 16, including ladies. She told them not to pay.

"They took five bottles of Remy Martin, seven bottles of Absolute Vodka and three bottles of Sky. They also smoke cigarettes. They left around 10pm. At about 1am, four men and a woman came to pick the woman. I insisted that I would collect my money, but they took her away."

"They dropped her off at the gate and left. She banged the gate repeatedly. Eventually, her housemaids came to Pick her. I was not allowed to enter into the estate with her."  The barman told Punch metro correspondents.

The father of two who claimed to have lost his livelihood further explained that he went to report the case at the Ajiwe Police Division and submitted the bill to the police. He said the police invited the woman, but her husband sent a message to them that she had gone to Ghana.

"He told the police that Mama G would come back in December 2016. The police sent another letter to the man in December. On January 11, he transferred N200,000 into my bank account. I called him and asked for the remaining money, he said I should contact his wife's lawyer. When I called the lawyer, he said I should manage the money like that. I reported back to the station and they invited his wife again. Neither the woman nor her husband showed up. Their cook and driver were arrested. The lawyer secured the bail on the same day.''

"Since the case was transferred to theLagos State Police Command, Ikeja, in February 2017, the Investigating Police Officer in charge of the case has been telling me to be patient, but I have children and a wife to carter to." he added.

According to Punch Metro correspondents, when they tried to contact Mama G's husband and began inquiring of the matter, he immediately terminated the car and refused to pick up any subsequently.

They were able to reach the Lawyer, Mr.Onome Okodiyam who spoke on behalf of the family and said that it was not true that Mama G promised to pay for the birthday celebration or was forcefully taken away from the bar.

"We deny that Mrs. Shaw owed that kind of money. When the barman chose to use the police in Lekki to enforce the debt, we made a report to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police and the case is being investigated. We are going to wait for the outcome of the investigation.

The payment(200,000) was made in good faith while awaiting reconciliation. This is a scam which we are trying to unravel. One person is claiming over N700,000; another is claiming over N800,000. What is the value of the stock they have? Everybody is under investigation in respect of this matter

This story, get as e be. How will you allow someone who came alone to your bar to incur a bill that high? Why did he not refrain from obeying her command when he saw that she was buying out all the stock in his bar, slap or no slap? In the barman's mind, ein don hammer on top Mama G head, without thinking how of she will pay off such a staggering bill. 

Why do women enjoy bringing down their fellow women?


This question always beats me you see a woman who just landed a major promotion in her workplace, instead of her female co-workers to be genuinely happy for her; they are huddle at a corner, shushring about how she clearly doesn’t deserve it, or how it truly isn’t her time for a promotion. “Na because say ein dey sleep with Oga kpatakpata, na ein make ein make am manager” you will almost always here one of the women say. Rarely can you see a fellow woman truly happy for another woman’s progress.

The animosity becomes even worse when a woman makes a mistake, a mistake probably hundreds of the men folk around us has made countless times, but let one woman make it and watch thousands of women abuse, criticize and literally send her into a spell of depression. Instead of rallying around each other and showing solidarity, women choose to act to each other like a pack of foxes constantly fighting for a piece of meat.

In every areas of life, we see men sticking together and defending themselves. If a man is cheating on you, you will probably not find out from one of his buddies, but if a man suspects that his girl is cheating on him all he need do is ask one of her home girls, she will spill the beans faster than it takes light to travel.

It’s almost as if we have a default mechanism that causes us to attack each other. By default we are happier when we squash another woman beneath our shoes. If you take a close look at our society, men tend to criticize women much less than women do and they are also more genuinely happy for a woman’s success than women are.  It’s as if the jealousy and envy we women posses get’s even heightened when it’s directed on our fellow women. You see women call each other demeaning names like Ashawo, Old cago, Aunty gwegwegwe . How many times have you heard a man refer call out his fellow men in deprecatory terms, rather you hear them refer to each other glowingly as, Sharp shorter, Correct guy, The main man. They continuously elevate each other even in their shortcomings. But we women decide to choose the exact opposite for ourselves.

Instead of defaming another woman because of her success, why not celebrate her, get closer to her and find out how she got to where she is, I bet if you apply one or two of the tips she gives you, you will be one step closer to where she is, rather than several paces behind, gossiping.

Instead of castigating your fellow woman, why not first go and lend a compassionate arm to her, then later you can throw her sin at her face and help her correct the mistake. A fellow woman’s criticism pierces more needles in the heart than that of a man’s. This attitude of us causes mistrust among our fellow women, thereby leading us to form weak bonds with each other.

Can’t we just dropped this dreadful attitude of ours and show real solidarity to each other?. We already have it harder from society, must we like cancerous cells attack what’s supposed to be our own safe heaven.

If you know you’re a woman who derides unexplained pleasure by bringing down another woman, think twice about your attitude and have a change of heart, otherwise remain behind gossiping about other women’s progress. Watch her flow in an abundance of greatness while you drown in a sea of animosity.

This na una 9jagirlfriends' take on the matter, feel free to enlighten us on why you enjoy bringing down fellow women, if that’s not your thing, tell us how you’ve shown solidarity to a fellow woman, either in success or failure.

Mother who allegedly kidnapped her son is arrested after a short pursuit by the Police


                      Los Angeles Times

An LA woman, Nisha Burnett who does not have custody rights to her 6-year-old son was suspected of abducting him after she came to his school on Wednesday morning and took him without permission. 

When the police were alerted, they issued an Amber Alert later in the day, saying that Burnett was driving a 2004 gold BMW with California License plate 6WAP644.

The pursuit began after the police located the vehicle in the Venice area. As the chase was going on Burnett was captured on camera speaking to a KABC-TV news crew from her car's driver seat.

"I have my son," she yelled across the street to the news crew. "Please, I didn't kidnap him."

"You need to pull over" The news crew replied her.

She declined, citing that the police will arrest her if she pulled over.

She then abandoned her car and fled with her son into a Harley-Davidson shop in the 4100 block of Lincoln Boulevard where she was shortly arrested by the Police and taken into custody just after 7:15 pm.

Culled from Los Angeles Times

lol! Hillarious


Is Insomnia that hard to spell?