Friday, 28 April 2017

Photos: Nollywood Actress Mercy Aigbe's alleged battery by husband Lanre Gentry



Few hours ago, Mercy Aigbe hinted on domestic violence as she wrote;

"Say NO to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.....Only a coward hits a woman! REAL MEN don't HIT! Repost if you concur"


Her husband responded with a post that reads;

"Say No to the promiscuous and irresponsible women"

It seems the seven year marriage between the Nollywood actress and her Lagos based hotelier husband, Lanre Gentry has been going downhills of late.

According to LIB sources Mercy has been enduring domestic violence for a long time but of late it has gotten out of hand.

LIB learnt that the couple had a nasty fight last week which left the actress with severe injuries and she's still receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital in Lagos. Apparently the marriage between the two has come to a crashing halt.

According to an LIB source Mercy's husband has been keeping a fair skinned mistress name Opemititi who is allegedly the one responsible for her his change of attitude

Culled from Linda Ikeji's Blog

Ex BB Naija Housemate Marvis shows her support for Efe's New single


Marvis, who was Efe's love interest all through their eleven weeks stay in the Big Brother house took to her Instagram page to show her support for him. She posted the picture below and wrote;


#Wehdonesir @Regrann from @efemoney - As e dey hot...burst ur kidney wit d jam... BASED ON LOGISTICS...thank u for ur patience, love n support...God bless #basedonlogistics #whoibe #EfeNation #OgheneWekobiruo ....AVAILABLE ON ITUNES .. ......check my be lies...

Nigerian Lady who threatened to kill herself over davido has something to say about the way Nigerians handled her matter


Chiidma Okeke and mother of two who trended today on social media after she threatened to kill herself if Davido does not follow her on social media an attend her birthday party , took to her page to address how she felt about the way her issue was handled. 

She wrote;

Nigerians why?

You guys are mean, your comments were so harsh both here and on Facebook, got so many DMs that kept me in tears.
All of you saying im this im that, Baby mama loading, attention seeker, Fake tears, Stupid goat, stunt and all that, thats not TRUE.
Someone even made jest of my home saying I live in one bedroom... That's not nice at all it hurts me. But its all well.
YES I ve got 2 kids and Im happily Married. 
Hubby saw the video too nd he just laughed over it cos he trusts me.
The FACT is I love davido yes hes my Favourite Artist, even my hubby knows that for Sure; ...and if you are following me on twitter you would know its not today I started supporting Him for those of you saying its because i heard "30 Billion for the account" 
as for the video my tears wasn't fake neither was I seeking for Davidos attention I only confessed my love for him, by doing it on a video, had I gone to his DM or his comment section ofcoures he wouldn't have seen it. So the FACT still remains that I LOVE DAVIDO!
#FanLove #ProudMomofTwo

So she thinks it's right to threaten sucide?

Fan Threatens to Rape Nollywood actress Ufedo Sunshine over racy hotel picture she posted


Fast rising Nollywood Actress Ufedo Sunshine who recently traveled to the USA to shoot a new movie, made a detour to Las Vegas sometime this week to celebrate her birthday, where she shared a racy photo in her hotel room. The picture didn't quite hit her fans right, especially one who threatened her rape.

He wrote;

"All thiS nonsense Nollywood actresses that like to tempt innocent boys like me. God punish all of you."

"I will rape you one day. You will see"

I wonder why he can't unfollow them if he's been tempted. why go as far as rape?

New Jersey Florist accused of stealing flowers from Cemetry

Lynda Wingate. Courtesy, Time.

59-year old Florist Lynda Wingate of Riverdale, New Jersey has been accused of stealing plants and other items from graves in a New Jersey cemetery.

According to the associated press, Police has charged her with theft of movable property.

Capt. Christopher Deputy of the Pequannock Township police department said surveillance cameras were initially installed around the First Reformed Church Cemetry following the disappearances of two plants that were replacements for other plants that had been stolen, the AP reports.

The camera footage revealed Wingate in a minivan taking the plants. She was identified by officers as she had served as a police dispatcher before owning her flower shop.

Deputy said Wingate claimed she was clearing off flowers from graves of people she had known.

Culled from Time

Nollywood actresses who suck Uche Maduagwu's nipples threatened to be revealed


Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu took to his Page to threaten exposure of Nollywood actresses who he said sucks his nipples while on movie locations in Enugu, without asking for permission.  

He wrote; 

"Please stop sucking my nipples...I don't know why every time am on a movie location especially in Enugu, popular actresses are fond of sucking my nipples illegally without even taking permission from the owner of the nipples. If this ugly trend continues, i might have to start calling out names of all the popular actresses that have been disturbing my sexy nipples anytime am asleep...Enough is enough."

Lol, he's nipple must be so nutritious for it to be trending among actresses. Uche please gives us the names jare...

UN agencies works to introduce more girls in IT careers


As part of it's annual International Girls in ICT Day celebrations around the world, UN agencies have introduced thousands of girls and women to career in coding and robotics.

In a joint statement UN agencies said that the measure was meant to encourage girls and women to pursue careers in the field of information and communications technology.

The agencies are the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), UN entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women), Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and UN Development Programme (UNDP).

The Secretary-General pf ITU, Houlin Zhao, expressed the hope that the day, marked annually on the fourth Thursday in April, will continue to introduce more girls to ICTs and to the real opportunities that exist for them in this innovative and expanding field."

The UN Women, on its part said: 'The technology sector is one of the fastest growing industries globally, but experiencing skills gap."  
"The European Commission, for example, has predicted a skills gap of over 800,000 ICT jobs in Europe by 2020. The sector holds enormous opportunities for women with the requisite skills.  But stereotypes and discrimination continue to deprive girls of the chance to excel in this field."

UN Women estimated that women would gain only one science, technology, engineering and mathematics-related (STEM) jobs for every 20 jobs in other areas, whereas men would gain one new job for every four lost elsewhere.

"To tackle these challenges, policy tools and focused programmes are needed to shift priorities and investments and to change the stereotypes and perceptions of women and girls in STEM fields that begin in early childhood" UN Women said.

Incredible: Woman who can remember everyday of her life


While some of us can't even remember what we had for lunch yesterday, 27-year-old  Rebecca Sharrock can remember every part of her life in clear detail, due to a condition called High Superior Autobiograhical Memory (HSAM) which she has. The condition stops people from being able to forget anything, which around 60-80 people in the world have.

Not only can Sharrock remember every detail of her life she can also recite all the Harry Potter books collection.

Sharrock vividly remembers her first birthday;

"At the very beginning of my life, I would spend a lot of time in my crib looking at surrounding toys and the stand up fan next to me. On my first birthday I had no idea what the day was about, all I knew was that mum was putting me in an itchy satin dress, and I was crying. Though I was told that this was my own special day and that lots of people were coming to see me. I still didn't understand but stopped crying eventually. That day my parents also gave me a Minnie Mouse push toy, whose face terrified me, though I could not word this. All I could do was cry and push it away whenever I saw it." Sharrock said

Sharrock discusses her incredible condition in the video below


Achievements: Photo of the first woman in space


Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman to go into space when she flew Vostok 6 in 1963. Spending almost three days in space, she orbited the Earth 48 times. That was her only trip into space.

Katy Perry's new music 'Bon Appetite' will make you grow an appetite

Katy Perry early this morning released the second single from her forthcoming studio album, titled 'Bon appetite', which features three members of Migos: Offset, Quavo and Takeoff, and was co-written with Ferras, Oscar Holter, Max Martin, Migos, and Shellback.

Before you think the song is about food, wait a minute! Katy Perry described the song as ''pretty sexual'' in an interview with Ryan Seacrest

Perry also promised her fans that her new album will have something for everyone.

Watch the video below;


Juliet Ibrahim reveals she had sex in a Public Place


Actress Juliet Ibrahaim told an Interviewer on Trybe Tv's On My Honour that she had sex on a beach when beach-goers were present. 

According to her it was just spontaneous and wasn't planned, there was also a lot of tourists around.

She went on further to advise her fans to follow her lead and dare to have sex on the beach. However she cautioned them,

"You have to be very careful when you want to do this. You have to make sure that wherever you are doing it or trying to do it, it's allowed, and it is not like a country or place where people will find it offensive," she warned

She went on further to reveal some intricate details about her sex life in the video below

Culled from Daily Post 

UK Prime Minister Theresa May accused of hiding from Public at an event filled with activists

Theresa May at Shine. Courtesy, The Guardian

Prime Minister Theresa May who spoke to around 150 Tory activists gathered at Shine, Leeds, which houses small businesses in the local area is being accused by Jeremy Corbyn a British politician who is the leader of the Labour Party of "hiding from the public" by speaking only to her activists excluding users of the building who said they had left for the day before she arrived.

"She won't take part in TV debates and she won't talk to voters," Corbyn said, "Refusing to debate Labour in this election isn't a sign of strength, it's a sign of weakness. What is she afraid of? Voters deserve to know what political parties are offering."

 The centre, based in Harehills, a suburb of north-east Leeds, an ethnically diverse, working-class area with a high Pakistan and east European populations, has an event space, cafe and art gallery and trains and employs people with previous convictions with a programme focused on female prisoners.

According to an interview by Guardian, apparently, some of the staff members of the centre are disgruntled that they were not involved in the Prime Ministers speech.

Culled from the Guardian.

Woman tired of her husband's womanizing chops off his penis and get's arrested.

Liezel's husband in the hospital. Courtesy  Daily Mail 

32 year old Liezel Betitta who grew jealous after suspecting her husband who she has an 11-year-old twins and eight-year-old daughter, of an ongoing affair with a friend's wife at a building firm where he worked in Iloilo City, Philippines waited for him to come home and fall asleep after drinking with his friend , then at around 10;30pm, April 22, she took a scissors and chopped off his penis tow inches above the base.

Her husband 'Mark', woke up in agony to find his penis missing. Alerted, Friends helped him as blood streamed from his wound to the Jesus Colmenares Memorial Hospital in the Balasan Town district. They told the police that the couple was often arguing.

Courtesy; Daily Mail

Liezel fled the scene but was later arrested by the police. in a statement with the police, she said

"I don't regret cutting off his penis. It's his punishment for being a womanizer. I am ready to face the consequences of my action. I am tired of his womanizing. He got a new girlfriend lately"

Attempts to reattach Marks Penis by physicians proved unsuccessful as a major nerve has been severed and tissue from the part cut off has already died.

Liezel has been remanded into custody and the incident is under investigation by the Carles Police.

Davido's reply to Nigerian Lady who threatened to kill herself if he does not attend her birthday Party


Nigerian Musician Davido has started following the Nigerian lady with Instagram handle  @peppylet who threatened to kill herself if he did not follow her and attend her birthday party. Above is his reply and hers. 

Lol, @peppylet no even send her followers who are busy cursing her out. 

Bangladeshi Girl born with three legs can now work thanks to Surgery

Choity's X-ray , Courtesy ABC News

Two year old  Choity Khatun was born with a very rare condition called cordial twinning, which meant that she had part of an undeveloped twin in her perineum.  

At few weeks of age, Choity parent's took her to the main children hospital in Bangladesh where they lived and the doctors were confused on what to do. To prevent her from dying from a bowel obstruction as all her organs were connected in the wrong place, the doctors cut open her tummy and attached her bowel to her skin.

Fortunately, she was taken to Melbourne, Australia, last year  November when the Children First Foundation came across her case, where after three months of planning, a team of eight surgeons operated on her for eight hours.
Choity with her mum after surgery, Courtesy ABC News

Proffesor Chris kimber , Head of Surgery at Monash Children's Hospital said they reconstructed many parts of Choity's anatomy as she had double of some organs, many of which were attached in the wrong place inside her lower body.

According to him, the result was better than they imagined it will be.

"When we started we thought she might end up being incontinent for life, but as we went on we found extra muscles and were able to reconstruct reasonable normal anatomy, and we've been able to achieve way beyond what we expected." he said.

Right now she can walk, run and go to the toilet by herself. 

The team is concerned about Choity's return to her home in a rural Bangladeshi village, without the appropriate resources to carter for her ongoing care.

Cheating married woman who is pregnant for her Lover needs advice


An anonymous married woman who has been having an affair with an equally married lover and is now pregnant for him took to the popular Instagram group handle "Break or makeup" to seek for advice .

Here's what she wrote;

"I know I will get judged but I just need advise.

I am a married woman,sleeping with another married man,we both have kids and respect each other's family. His sex game is just too good that I can't say no to him. I have been sleeping with him for 3 years now and my first son belongs to him,as much as he knows nothing about it but that is my deep dark secrets. Now I am pregnant for him again but he does not know. Scared of aborting because the last time I tried it,I almost bleed to death. I feel so bad. Should I just divorce my husband before he finds out,or manage the situation and work on my conscience."

Any advice for her?

VIDEOS: Nigerian Lady threatens to kill herself if Davido does not attend her birthday party



A mother of one and an Instagram user @peppylet in a video uploaded on her Instagram handle threatened to kill herself if the Popular Nigerian musician Davido does not attend her birthday party on August 13. 

She also insisted that if Davido does not start following her on Instagram she will kill herself.

Watch the videos below;


I hope she's just joking, if not make her people go tie her rope ooo or better still Davido should honour her wishes...Babymama No. 3 loading......