Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Question of the day!!!!

I go turn Tarzan by force, na to disappear into the bush and find the nearest tree to climb or just fall down and pretend to be dead. 

This reminds me of one night several years ago when I was about eight, my elder sister and cousin were passing through the house of a big man in our area who had several mean looking dogs like this ones, not knowing that the dogs have been released my sister and cousin were busy gossiping loudly and laughing. No so out of nowhere, these dogs begin dey bark, very loud barks eh, and in the blink of an eye they started a hot pursuit. There was about three of them. Jisos before I can say JACK not to talk of Robinson...my sister and cousin vanished, see gobe!!! I picked my own race and the path was hilly so I was flying with the dogs behind me raking and barking, my heart panting wildly, almost beating out of my chest, until I tripped and fell! Oh boy!! in my mind I was like "Nkita ndi'a ga eri'm ka ji nmanu, Awulam ta" As little as I was then I started visualizing the world beyond. Well as God will have it, they just came to where I was, sniffed me and started licking my face and whole body. Kai! I've never been a dog lover but I just laid there and was hoping they don't bite, Na so dey lick finish, left me and ran off. Only for my sisters that have gotten to Jericho to come and start asking "Did they bite you, ndo, sorry o...I was just like negudu ndia , you people could not rescue me, shey if I had died na this thing una go yarn for my funeral.

Woman get's pregnant for a male escort and get's denied by the court from knowing his true identity

  This one na Gulder ultimate search.

An unnamed woman who became pregnant after having sex with a male escort she spent three nights on a second floor in a hotel within 2010, in the German city of Halle, sued for the identity of the man to be revealed so that he can pay for child support of their son who is now seven-years-old, however she failed in the legal battle to find out his name.

Due to the strictness of German privacy laws which is the strictest in Europe, a court in Munich has ruled that the hotel where they lodged does not have to reveal the man's name to her.

The man's right to privacy outweighed the woman's claim for child support payments from him, the ruling said.

She knew him only as "Micheal" But three other Micheals were also at the hotel and each of the four Micheals had a right to "control their own data and protect their own marriage and family," the ruling said.

The court decided that her lack of detail about the man raised the risk of personal data 'simply being released at random. Nor is it certain that the Christian name is indeed the name of the man in question," the court said.

Ivanka Trump's Strict Daily Schedule With Her Family.


35-year-old businesswoman and special adviser to her father, President Donald Trump, in her new book 'Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for success' which came out today, revealed her strategy for balancing work and family.

In the book- which Trump says she finished before her father was elected president in November- She explains that she keeps list of goals for her personal life, including a list for "connecting with each of my kids."

"I put real thought into coming up with ideas for memorable moments I can create with each of them,' She writes. "Right now, I play with cars with Joseph, on the floor, for twenty minutes each day. Arabella loves books, so i make a note to read at least two per day to her and plan 'dates' to the library. With Theodore, I commit to ensuring that I can give two to three of his bottles each day and rock him to sleep at night."

She also schedules an official date night every other week with husband Jared, 36, who's also a top adviser to the president. 

She also wrote;

"I know this sounds incredibly formulaic, but committing to these  relationship goals with each person in my family, when there aren't other issues that are immediately pressing, allows me to put a plan in place for those times during the year when it is more chaotic, I'm not as reflective, but i still want to keep those high-level priorities top of mind," 

Ways To Prevent Bloating


A few weeks ago, I stumbled across the topic for this post in one of my favorite blogs 'Byrdie.'
Now one of the worst things I hate in a human physique is a big stomach. Kai, my hatred for that prodigiously distended stomach, the one referred to as “Afor Beer , that makes some people look like the swallowed a life toad, is almost bordering to the point of obsession. 

This is not to say that I have the flattest stomach in the history of flat stomachs, quite the contrary, my stomach is of a considerable size, though it might not be noticeable when I’m standing, but when I sit down it distends embarrassingly outwards. Even though I try as much as possible not to hate any part of my body, but my stomach is one part I will gladly trade, for a flatter one, of course. Lawd help me.  To think that a few years back I had a semi-nonexistent stomach.

You might be wondering if you hate your stomach that much why not do something, but mehn have I tried? I have gone as far as lifting weights, hoping that within weeks my tummy will be as flat as Agbani Darego’s when she won the miss world title, but alas it didn’t quite turn out that way and in a couple of weeks I got tired and dropped the workout beat. Don’t blame me, I hate sweating and with workout comes sweating. I have also tried dieting, but my love for some certain foods no just gree me stick to the routine and gosh is dieting expensive?. Who has that kind of money to be eating nothing but wheat when you want to swallow? But nevertheless, I’m still not relenting on my quest to get back that my highly desirable semi-non-existent stomach. I know I’m not the only 9ja girl out there on this great quest, so I decided to share some of the some of the things I read in the post with all 9jagirlfriends battling along with me.

In the post, the writer said that there are two ways to get a flat stomach.
  •     Hitting the gym
  •      Focusing on bloating.

Since the gym bit is something I’m not too keen about at the moment and not everyone can afford, let’s focus on bloating. Here are a few remedies on how to go about de-bloating that terribly looking huge tummy.
                                           EAT MORE SLOWLY

Lol, this might sound like a joke, but it isn’t. There are actually facts backing this. Eating very fast will cause you to take in so much air; hence your stomach will be filled up with gas, meaning you can feel a little more bloated than you previously were. So it’s actually advisable to eat mindfully and chew food longer to stop your stomach from getting full so quickly. This is important because since your stomach doesn’t have teeth, it will struggle to digest the bigger particles you didn’t chew properly and bacteria can start fermenting on the food, thereby causing digestive problems, thus preventing a flat stomach. Hehehe, if you’re the type that’s always eating like you’re been chased by your village masquerade, stop and repent from that habit, it might actually be what causes your bloating.
                                             CHECK YOUR PORTION SIZE.
The quantity of food you eat has a lot to contribute to bloating. To prevent this, stick to a fist size portion. One of the main reasons we get excess bloating is that the bacteria in the colon is eating the food we eat and then that produces gas. So eating less food will starve this bacteria’s thereby resulting in less bloating. I know this is definitely going to be hard for some foodies, but if that bloating keeps you as uncomfortable as it keeps me, then eating less will sure help.
                                              DRINK PEPPERMINT

One way to get a flat stomach when feeling bloated is by drinking peppermint tea. Many studies have proven the efficacy of peppermint and its effect on better digestion. Peppermint tea eases the muscles that allow painful digestive gas to pass. Hmm, I’ve never had peppermint tea before, but I’m definitely going to hunt it down.
                                              EAT MORE YOGURT.

Not only does yogurt help to digest your food and help with getting a flat stomach, but it’s also thought to help with your immune system. Ok na, Farmfresh and Habib yogurt, here I come.

Stress can cause your body to not digest food properly. When your body goes into a fight or flight mode all the blood intended to help your body break down food,, will be unable to do their job as your body redirects it elsewhere in your system. So while sipping that peppermint tea, listen to some calming music and forget all about your worries.
                              AVOID OR EAT LESS OF THESE FOODS.

Some foods can cause you to feel more bloated. So eating less of them or completely avoiding them will get you one step closer towards that your flat tummy goal. Here they go, Beans, bread, carbonated drinks, onions, garlic, apples, dairy products, corn, pizza, (I know some of you are already shrieking, Not my dominos …Yes! that too), all these food can increase bloating.

Here are a couple other things to do to prevent bloating, Quit smoking, chew less gum, don’t drink from a straw,  drink more water.

Darris all for now my 9jagirlfriends, I hope we've learnt a thing or two, I know I did. Feel free to tell us what you have done in the past to prevent that disgraceful bloat.

#Fabtrash. Lol! Kendall Jenner's Flat ass causes a mini outrage on twitter


Lol, Twitter users have no chill. What a comparison. Sometimes these celebrities wear trash just to push the boundaries of fashion. The way her G-string is hanging out is just ludicrous.Kendall this one no follow o.

Tiwa Savage makes the list of artists set to perform at Jay Z's Made in America Festival


Multi Award winning Nigerian Singer and mother of one Tiwa Savage was among the list of artists announced by Jay Z on Monday to perform at his annual two-day festival 'Made in America' which is sponsored by Budweiser.

The festival is usually held in Philadelphia and this year it will run at Philadelphia's Benjamin Franklin Parkway from September 2-3, with Jay Z headlining alongside J Cole.

Two other Nigerian artists Wizkid and Maleekberry also made it to the lineup, which includes other International Artists such as The Chainsmokers, Migos, Solange, Run the Jewels, 21 Savage, Pusha T, DMX, kelela and more.


"We're in court, the rest is in God's hands"-Janet Jackson tells her fans.


In a special video made by Janet for her fans on social media, the beautiful Award winning Singer spoke about how she has added weight after the birth of her son. 

She spoke about her separation from her husband Wissam Al Mana, stating that they have already started the divorce proceedings in court.

She also told her fans that she will be starting her "State of the world" tour soon. 

Watch the video below.

Woman Gets Married to a Man four times her size.


Remind me of the peron who said "Love is a beautiful thing" Well that's absolutely right. Love is that feeling that makes you see the beauty in a partner who the world thinks is ugly or not right for you. 

According to a social media user the couple has been in arelationship for several years, prior to their walk down the Isle.

God bless their union.