Thursday, 4 May 2017

Reality Star Nene Leakes to be offered $2.5 million to return as a full cast member in The Real Housewives of Atlanta


Over the last few months rumors has been flying around that the producers of popular American Reality Show  'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' have been pursuing Reality star Nene Leakes to return to the show which she was a popular character in, before leaving in 2015.

According to Life & Style, she has been offered a handsome sum of $2.5 million to become a full-time cast member. 

Before Nene left the show she was being paid $1 million per season, so the new offer will more than double her paycheck.

Nene's habit of bringing drama and shade is the reason why she's been sort after, as she was a hit with the viewers of the show during the eight seasons she was in the show.

Nene Leaks return to the show will mean more drama and fun. That Lady is one big'ol drama Queen. Missed having that her big mouth in the show

French Presidential Candidates Le Pen and Macron last brutal debate face off

Le Pen and Macron

It was a battle of words and opinions between 48-year-old far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen and 39-year-old independent centrist Emmanuel Macron as they both went for the jugular during a televised Wednesday debate of the presidential election. 

Le Pen fired up on  Macron, pointing out his background as a former investment banker and economy minister who would worsen unemployment level and allow the finance sector to plunge the economy downward, painting him as a continuation of the outgoing unpopular Socialist government and a backer of rampant globalization. 

Macron attacked her back with the accusation that she was not offering solutions to problems such as France's chronic unemployment. He said she lacked finesse and for many years, has profited on the anger of the French people and promoted the "spirit of defeatism."

When it came to the topic of Terrorism which has gripped the country these past few years, Len Pen accused Macron of lacking firmness and of being "indulgent against Islamic terrorism."  She made a vow to immediately expel all foreigners identified on a terror watch list and to strip people suspected of Islamic extremism of their French nationality.

"We have to make sure the territory is protected," She said. "That is something I would do immediately once in power." Adding that the ideology of Islamism in France has to be eradicated.

As for Macron, he said the fight against terrorism would be his first priority, that he would address by increasing the resources of police and security forces and strengthening the enforcement of watch list. "even if it deprives people os some of their freedoms."

"Putting everyone in prison or sending them abroad does not make any sense to me, " He said. 

They also went on to voice their opposing voices on diplomatic relations with Russia and the United states. 

Le Pen called Rusia a "great nation" and said there is "no reason to wage cold war" again.

"I think we need to keep our distance from both Russia and US," she said.

While Macron expressed his willingness to work with both on issues such as the Syria conflict.

"I will not accept to have my behavior dedicated by Mr. Putin, and that's the difference with Mrs. Le Pen," he said. "We will not submit to Russia or Mr. Putin's values, as they are not the same values as ours."

They both kept going back and forth on each other for more than two hours, arguing on issues such as Le Pen's move to leave the EU (Frexit) and drop the Euro as a national currency.  They fought brutally to convince voters of their worth and qualification to lead the French nation ahead of Sunday's election. 

According to pollster Elabe, which provided results for CNN affiliate BFMTV, 63% of those who participated in a survey found Macron more convincing than Le Pen at the end of the debate.

Culled from CNN

Nigerian Woman strips in India As she attempts to fight with a group of Indian men


While inside a public bus in India, a Nigerian woman - the one wearing a red top in the picture above - was having an altercation wiIndianndiian man and her friend appearently not having it, came for the Indian man.

She first asked the men "You want to fight? Do you want to fight her? " The men shouted back at her in their native tongue. Then she pulled off her top and approached them.Still asking "You won fight Nigerian woman"  While her friend was busy reigning generational curses on them.


Fortunately, a responsible Indian man who spoke in english came and brookered peace between them.

"Thank you bro, thank you bro" the woman greeted him.

Watch the video below;


These Indian men think they can suppress women anyhow. Dem don jam Nigerian woman who doesn't need a bat to show them shege. Anuofias

Dilemma: Nigerian Girl is Worried Over Her Boyfriend's Dislike For Her When She's on her Period


Please, I want to be anonymous, I am in my early 20s a graduate and I have a good job, met this guy some months back and we are really cool, have met his folks and he has met mine too just waiting for the proper time to seal everything. But I found out that he doesn't come close to me anytime am on my period he tries to keep distance, even if I try to make him cuddle and hold me, but he does that carelessly and I feel rejected each time am on my period and am staying over at his place,but he did one painful thing and I promised myself anytime I'm on my period I will try as much as to avoid him during that period, now if I get married to him and I am on my period am I gonna run away from the house to avoid him feeling somehow?even if I try to not let him see it, as a lady stains will come somehow anyhow.pls what can I do?

From Break or Makeup. 

My 9jagirlfriends, which of you have experienced or is experiencing this type of dilemma with an ex, a current boyfriend or your hubby? Tell us how it went down. Did the guy eventually snap out of his repulsion?

I know guys generally don't like being reminded that our dearly beloved sister has come calling. But at least, most of them react with maturity, knowing that it's just nature's calling to females. But to date a guy and have him be grievously repulsed when you're on your period is something no girl should have to tolerate or endure. As long as you are clean and not smelling I don't see why you Man should be repulsed.

Photos: Nigerian Girl gets Proposed to with a ring and a Toyota Jeep.


Wow, this is lovely....which Nigerian girl will not want her ring to be accompanied by a car. Say, Aye, if you pray for this time of double-barreled engagement.

The girl Momodu Aisha got proposed to by her man in great style, He knelt down, flashed the ring and presented the Toyota jeep to her...She happily screamed YES...


Who wouldn't? Saying No to this kind of proposal might just mean that your village people are working overtime on your case.

100-level University of Ibadan Student Jumps to her Death After a Wild Dance.


Nawa o, the rate at which young people are committing suicide these days is something else. Is that we young people don't have the heart to endure things again or is the world becoming a more unbearable place to live in. Sha it has not been confirmed if the girl's death is a suicide or not.

According to University's management, the girl Effiong Imarbong who was 100-level female law student of the University of Ibadan, There was a show titled 'Freshers/Finalist' Week' in the girl's hall of residence, where she was seen in the hall, but later left to meet with a yet to be disclosed fellow outside the venue and after her meeting with the fellow she became hyperactive and next thing the hostel mates heard was a bang, when the rushed to the source of the noise they found out she had jumped from a dangerous position in the building.

They rushed her to the school hospital where she eventually died.

The official statement of the school which was signed by the institution's Director of Public Communications, Olatunji Oladejo reads;

"It is with deep regret that the management of the University of Ibadan announces the sudden death of Miss Effiong Deborah Imarbong, a 100 Level student in our Faculty of Law on Monday, May 1, 2017 at the University College Hospital, Ibadan . Her sudden death, however, remains a mystery. 

It is in the light of the above that the university management wishes to state that the cause(s) of her death are still being investigated by the appropriate authorities. Moreover, her parents had been duly contacted by the relevant key officers of the university on the loss.

It is pertinent to state that by the tradition of the Queen Elizabeth II Hall where she was a resident, an event tagged “Freshers/Finalists’ Week” was organised by the hall’s Executive Council.

Her colleagues reported that the deceased was seen at the hall cafeteria, the venue of the movie show.

Furthermore, it was reported that she was seen at about 8.40pm. Thereafter, she received a telephone call from a fellow; she left the venue of the movie show to meet the caller. The fellow had been identified after her death by the Campus Security Service."

After the meeting with the fellow, Effiong started acting strange and became hyperactive, and left the venue after a wild dance. 

“It was further revealed that she left the venue of the movie show and, thereafter, there was a bang, which her colleagues explained, she jumped from a dangerous position in the Hall.  She was later found by her colleagues in a seemingly helpless condition in the precinct of the hall,” Oladejo said.
What I don't understand is what they mean by Hyperactive. Was she angry, agitated or too excited? The statement no too pure, but I guess the real story will filter in Later.

RIP Effiong

World People Are pissed Over Kendall Jenner's Photo Shoot For Vogue India's Ten Years Anniversary.


Once you're a celebrity any fiam you do, people will not waste time to criticize you.

Vogue India just released their recent India's Collector Edition which marked the 10th year anniversary of the magazine, and guess who they have on the cover? Supermodel and reality TV Star Kendall Jenner.

This has sparked a lot of outrage all over the world, from India to America, with people arguing that the shoot should have had an Indian model on the cover instead of Kendall Jenner who is an American and looks nothing like an Indian.

The beautiful pictures were shot in February in a Palace in Jaipur and also featured other Indians such as Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, model Katrina others. But the main commotion is that Jenner should not have been the one on the cover.



All these Katakata for a cover photo? Sipping my hot tea and wondering why we don't have a Vogue Nigeria?

"Caityln Jenner's 'Secrets of my life' makes it to New York Bestselling List and her fan's have a mixed reaction about it


Transgender and reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner who recently released her autobiographical book 'Secrets of my life', just found that her book has made it into the New York Bestselling List.

In a video she shared on her social media page, a man probably her traveling companion or agent approached her and told her about the good news which apparently she was not aware of prior to that

"Ya baby, we're selling. You know this made me feel good because I wanted people to read it" Jenner told the man. 

As usual, some of her fans took to the comment section to troll her, while others praised her and sent their love, promising to buy the book as soon as they can reach it"


Watch the video of when she got the news here


Mercy Aigbe Still Coughs blood, Day's After Receieving Merciless Beating From Her Husband


Hmm, this domestic Violence drama between Actress Mercy Aigbe and her husband Mr. Gentry is still playing out and with each passing days, new updates about the Katakata keeps surfacing.

It seems as if this case is more serious than we actually thought. Most of us must have been reading up on the news with detached interest and with little or no compassion for the actress. But remember, just as you and  I are, she's also human. 

Even though she is covering her wounds with excellent makeup artistry and has been appearing unfazed by the incident, Mercy might be suffering much more than we know. 

According to the latest news, my fellow Tatafo's are dishing this morning, after the Merciless beating from her husband we all saw the horrible pictures- mercy was coughing out blood from her nose and mouth and she's still currently coughs blood, more than one week after the incident.

This makes me wonder why the man had taken the battery to such an extent. Was he planning to mar the beautiful Actress for life? Whatever she did she does not deserve such heartless treatment from someone she has been sharing physical intimacy with for the past 7 years.

Before my outrage drags this post South, it is reported that Mrs. Lola Akande, the Commissioner for Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation in Lagos State, spoke on the matter with rage, saying that it was disheartening to see the state Aigbe was when she came to her office to report the case.

"She was coughing blood from her nose and mouth and she had an injury on her face which the doctor said she must have an operation. I was so angry that I need to see the face of the man that did this to her, and so we invited him and he came yesterday (Tuesday) to say his own side of the story to the official in charge of domestic violence. But any man that can beat a woman to a pulp like that to the extent that she is still coughing blood one week after the incident needs to have his head examined," said Akande.

She went further to praise Mercy for her courage in coming out and speaking of the issue and indulged other women passing through similar experience not to keep quiet and hide it.

"I must commend the courage of Mercy because what she did is what other women who are victims of domestic violence out there need to do. they don't need to hide it except they want to die there." She said.

Coordinator of DSVRT, Mrs. Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi, reportedly disclosed that Mercy's husband, might be charged with Domestic Violence and he's expected to appear in court in two weeks' time to give reasons why the restraining order should not be permanent.

All I can say is Shame! Shame! Shame! on Mr. Gentry. If you know your wife has become a thorn in your fresh why didn't you run and leave the house for her? Shebi he has a hotel. He can decide to lodge there indefinitely or better still file for divorce from her. However, he decided to choose battery. 

I follow Mrs. Akande to commend Mercy, it's not easy for someone with a public image, to come forward and reveal the imperfections in her image. However, every woman, celebrity or no celebrity need not subscribe to DV. Say no to it and move on with your life. 

I don talk finish, My 9jagirlfriend's how una see the matter?