Friday, 5 May 2017

Instagram user informs the world of her imminent suicide


An Instagram user with the handle "mofowobi" took to her page this afternoon to announce her imminent sucide, with a picture of Sniper. 

Please who ever know Mofowobi or knows someone that knows her, should contact them ASAP.

The rate at which people are checking out on life these days is alarming oo....Na so life don hard reach?

Crack smoking woman gives birth to Premature baby and drives around town with his corpse.

Chesney Wheeler
According to the police, 37-year-old Chesney Wheeler delivered her baby two and a half month's premature at home near Williamsport on April 12 and allegedly put the baby in a cardboard box and drove to an out-of-town hospital out of fear that doctors would find out she smoked crack cocaine and used heroin the night before the girl was born.

According to reports by The Associated Press, Wheeler told the police that she "wasn't exactly thrilled at being pregnant" before she delivered the girl at home, after which she passed out. 

When she eventually woke up, she put the baby in the back seat of her car in the cardboard box and started driving around, at that point she already knew the baby was dead because rigor mortis had set in.

It is reported that she told hospital officials she miscarried and may have flushed the baby down the toilet, but a friend who accompanied wheeler to the hospital led cops to the baby's corpse in the parking lot.

Wheeler was arrested and charged with abuse of a corpse, evidence tampering, obstruction of law, enforcement and fleeing prosecution.

She's set to appear in court by May 10, for a preliminary hearing.

"Shame unto every so-called celebrity that is tweeting and snapping while mocking anything concerning another woman's well being."- Juliet Ibrahim


Actress and producer, Juliet Ibrahim took to her Instagram handle moments ago to say her take on the issue of Domestic Violence, while also calling out celebrities who have chosen to go around snapping and tweeting while mocking their fellow woman who is going through hardship. 

Read what she wrote below;

"Our value as women has been taken for granted due to domestic violence, egoism and male chauvinism. Never joke about domestic violence. Violence is never a choice anyone should make!! ‘Why Didn’t You Just Leave?’ A question we are all quick to ask but we should never be the judge until we hear Domestic Violence Survivors Explain Why It’s Never That Simple!!! 80% of women experience violence in relationships around the world and its growing rapidly; We need to speak up and lend our voices as much as we can to encourage these Victims to speak up early enough to avoid a nasty fate, keeping quiet and thinking that He/She will change is not the solution! Also; When a gun is present in a domestic violence situation, it increases the risk I of homicide for women by 500 percent. #domesticviolence shame unto every so-called celebrity that is actually tweeting and snapping while mocking any thing concerning another woman's well being that is out there in the news... don't forget Karma is a real bitch; be careful what you wish for others. #sayNotodomesticviolence Thank God there are authorities in place nowadays to do the needful and deal with these maniacs! Violence is not an excuse and should never be a choice no matter what!"

Well said, Aunty Juliet. But who are the celebrities you're calling out though, tell us, Let's go and shut them up

Fans slam alleged side chick of Tonto Dikeh's husband after seeing her unfiltered photo


An Unfiltered photograph (above) of Rosy Meurer, the Lady Tonto Dikeh accused of having an illicit affair with her husband surfaced online and fans or her enemies started crucifying her.

They Pointed to the fact that she looks quite different and not as pretty as her airbrushed pictures on her social media pages.

Below is an airbrushed photograph of her.


Who doesn't look different from their social media pages these days? All these high tech photo editing software is not for fancy na.

I fell in Love with.....

Who did you fall in love with and how did you life turn out ?

As for me I fell in love with a lawyer and now my life is a case. Lol

"I read with tears in my eyes all the LIES you fabricated against me" Mercy Aigbe Gentry writes to her husband


Early this morning, actress Mercy Aigbe Gentry took to her social media page to write an open letter to her estranged husband who she recently filed a restraining order against following series of domestic violence episodes in their marriage. She posted the picture above and wrote;

Dear Lanre Gentry, It breaks my heart that I have to do this but as it is you have left me with no choice......I had sleepless night because I just couldn't comprehend why someone i loved , someone with whom I have a child will be hell bent on destroying me, I just cannot comprehend it........
I read with tears in my eyes all the LIES you fabricated against me, LIES you feel will justify your inhumane act, LIES you feel will gain you public sympathy and LIES calculated to bring my person to public opprobrium........
You claim ....
(1) I am Mentally Unstable (2) That you have caught me with different men
(3) That I do not take care of my parents (4) That a man rented an apartment for me..........
LIES all LIES........
Dear hubby I challenge you to back on your claims with PROOF!!!!!!!!!..........
Hmmmm lanre you forget quickly!...., you forget how I have labored and stood by you all these years, even tho all what I was getting from you was constant beating, harrasment ,threat to my life and threat to destroying my image if I dare,leave you...... .,,You must PROOF all your allegations otherwise God knows I am going to add another lawsuit to the one on ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Although my Team has been pleading with me to stay silent all these while, but I have come to realize that you want to ride on my keeping mum......
#saynotodomesticviolence #realmendonthit 

Colombian woman eats $9000 life savings to provoke her cheating husband


30-year-old Columbian woman, Sandra Milena Almeida, after discovering that her husband has been unfaithful to her, ate and swallowed her entire life saving, to prevent him from getting his hands on the money, after he discovered where she had hidden the money and demanded half of it.

Her actions came to light when she started having abdominal pains and was rushed to the hospital, where doctors found bundles of notes inside her stomach after carrying out a series of tests.

Juan Pulo Serrano, Director of Surgery at the University Hospital of Santander, Juan Paulo Serrano told reporters "57 $100 bills were found and extracted by the orifice opened in the stomach. Some extra rolls of money were found in the intestine, which advanced to the colon.

Surgeon Juan Paulo speaking to reporters

"She ate rolls of bills, they were not wrapped up for any form of illicit transport," he added. "It seems it was an act of desperation by this woman, due to the problem she was facing, to ingest these elements, and this, of course, affects the patient's normal intestinal functioning and life."

Mrs. Almeida is expected to make a full recovery.