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Beautiful photo of Sylvia Emechete


The Ex-beauty queen shared on her social media page and captioned it "So much to be grateful's unreal!!! Sundays are the best days"

Shoes:   Dolce and Gabbana
Bag:      Yves Saint Laurent
Clothes: (IDY) I don't Know

Beautiful Pictures of stylish hats at the 2017 Kentucky derby

                              One of the huge hats on show


For those who don't know what The "Kentucky derby" is, it's actually a Horse race, held annually in Louisville, Kentucky, United States, on the first Saturday in May ending the two-week-long Kentucky Derby Festival. It's traditionally a place where women and even men likewise adorn themselves in expensive fashionable outfits and show off their latest piece of stylish hats. 

Here are some of the pictures of gorgeous hats from yesterday's Kentucky Derby;
                        Women wave from the stands

                          One race-goer is pretty in pink

A hat homage to the racehorses
Man wearing a hat homage to the racehorses

A woman wearing a rose shaped hat
Woman wearing a rose-shaped hat.

Women in hats look down at people attending the Derby

              A hat and a mint julip, the quintessential Kentucky Derby experience


                                          A man acessorizes his hat and beard
Model Morgan Beck with husband Bode Miller
Oscar Winner Mira Sorvinor

                                      Which is your best hat?

"Breast cancer is a medical issue. Rubbing any form of olive oil, be it Jerusalem or anywhere will not work"- Mrs. Akeredolu, wife of Ondo state Governor.

                        Image result for picture of Betty Akeredolu ondo state governors wife

Mrs. Betty Akeredolu, wife of Ondo State Governor and facilitator of Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria, while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria in Ibadan, said that her organization's main purpose is to raise awareness on the danger of cancer as the disease has killed a lot of women in the society.

She said that woman still require more information to go for early detection and management of the health condition. 

"I can openly say that breast cancer is a medical issue and if the right thing is done at the right time, which is early detection as well as presenting one to the medical doctor early, it will save a lot of things. 

Women can do an early self-breast examination. In our campaign, we have dwelt a lot on early self-breast examination and they should go to the hospital on time. They should stop going to prayer mountains because their pastors would tell them that their breast cancer was due to spiritual attack.

"Rubbing any form of olive oil, be it Jerusalem or anywhere, will not work." She said.

She further went on to advise women to use three fingers to feel or massage their breasts at least once a month after their monthly menstruation in order to detect any changes.

Mrs. Akeredolu revealed that her group lends assistance to indigent women suffering from cancer with financial support to settle their medical bills. 

She also employed various levels of government in the country to give priority to health issues affecting women.

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12 Fashion and style tips and tricks every Nigerian girl should know


Which one of these did you know before?

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Api Sunday!!!!! Any hot Sunday jollof in the house?

7 Mistakes you make when shaving your Pubic hair.



Hi, my 9jagirlfriend's let talk about shaving that very much important and special part of our body, 'Our Privates'.  
Actually, there isn't any specific right or wrong way to keep your pubic hair. You can decide to keep it trimmed right down to nothing and look just as bald as you did down there when you were 8, or you can grow it up into a bushy thick rainforest (there are definitely benefits to keeping it that way), whichever way you decide to keep it is a matter of your own choice and comfort. 

Now most of us shave on the regular, not knowing that we have been doing it wrong all the while. After shaving, you might develop some shaving bumps here and there or get aggressively crazed uncomfortable itches that keep you desperately scratching down there like a newly crazed woman and leaves you wondering "Why the hell did i even pick up that razor?" Well, here are seven mistakes that you might be making when you shave that highly sensitive area.

1. Using an Old blunt razor

When it comes to shaving your pubic region it's best and safer to always use a new razor. Blades in a repeatedly used razor become worn and blunt after so much use, making them highly inefficient for the purpose of shaving your delicate female parts and will almost certainly give you a rash or razor burn. However, blades in a new razor are the exact opposite-new and sharp- and when you use it to shave down there it will definitely get the job done and in an easy peasy flourish. Just remember to be careful while using a new razor. 

2. Shaving as soon as you get into the shower

Once in a while, I'm guilty of this *hides face*.  You know that time when you are in a hurry to get the business down and be some other place, you just rush into the bathroom and start saving straight away. Apparently, this is a NO, NO. The best time to shave is after you've finished having your bath, making it the last thing you do. This softens and opens your hair follicles ensuring an easier shave and greatly lowers your risk for irritation. Also, remember to exfoliate the area beforehand, this encourages the hairs to grow back properly and minimizes growth of in-grown hairs.
3. Dry Shaving in a haste

Never shave your pubic hair while dry or you'd be in a straight path to acquiring razor burns or bumps. Properly lubricate the area you want to shave or at least press a hot washcloth against it, to soften the hairs and get's you skin ready for a razor.

4. Using soap

Merely using soap will not provide the right slip while you shave, as it can block the blades, preventing an easy slide. A good alternative to shaving creams which will do the job effectively is a hair conditioner.

5. Not trimming before using a razor

A good pair of grooming scissor will assist in trimming back the hair and get you ready for a big shave especially if it's been long you shaved down there. If your hair has grown to a considerable length, it's best you trim it down before applying the razor.

6. Failing to rinse the blades between strokes.

Not rinsing the blades between strokes will get them clogged up, making you apply more pressure which will cause tears. Always remember to rinse your razor through with warm water after every few strokes.

7. Shaving with an electric shaver

Electric shaver with rotating blades can cause your hairs to just flatten rather than shaving it off, which will inhibit them from growing back properly. Typical conventional razors will give you a closer shave while shedding off dead skin, minimizing the chances of developing ingrown hair.

After shaving, endeavor not to use your regular body lotion on the shaved area, because it can be filled with chemicals and fragrances that will irritate your privates. Instead, use a mild natural moisturizer like aloe vera or coconut oil to hydrate and protect the skin. Also, avoid lacy undergarments that might further cause itching and irritation. The best underwears to wear after shaving are loosely fitted cotton underwears.

My 9jagirlfriend's I hope you all learnt a thing or two about proper shaving ethics. I sure did.

OMG! This Adele's Makeover will make you wonder if she's really 29


 The Multi-Award winning singer who recently turned 29, got a whole lot of goodwill messages from her fans and as means to show her gratitude to them, she decided to shock them with this granny makeover picture of herself, with the caption;

"Nearly 30! Thanks for the wishes. See you soon x.


My beautiful Adele, is this you?

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